David Neagle says that dreams are what God wants to experience through us. Just sit with that thought for a moment. It’s beautiful isn’t it? When we start to believe that what we dream can become a reality, we start to make moves toward those dreams. And the more we move in the direction of our dreams the more things show up to help us on our way. The people, skills and resources that are needed to make it happen start to show themselves when we are open to the possibility.
Remember that everything that exists in form today once existed inside someone’s imagination. What’s in your imagination? What steps can you start to take, even if baby steps, to manifest what’s in your imagination today? Let go of fear and just start taking the steps as if what you want is right there, you just need to reach out and grab it. If you make mistakes along the way or experience failure, just look at them as learning or rerouting opportunities, not as a sign that you should give up on your dreams.


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