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Today I have my dog with me in the office. There’s something about having a dog around in a setting where you don’t typically see dogs that lightens everyone’s mood! Co-workers stop by my office to say hello- not to me, but to Cash. People’s faces brighten into genuine smiles of joy. And then there’s their voices, you know, that slightly higher octave that is reserved for pets and children? There’s some research that shows that when you hang around dogs your stress level decreases as your heart rate starts to mimic theirs. Having a

My yoga dog “threading the needle”

pet has also been shown to reduce spikes in blood pressure due to stress or tension (http://stress.about.com/od/lowstresslifestyle/a/petsandstress.htm). Maybe we should all be bringing our dogs to work.


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  1. I agree with you. Sometimes I think being around an animal has a similar effect to meditation. I always used to love when dogs came in to the office. It broke up the monotony and everyone is so much more cheerful. I love your yogi dog.

  2. We have 5 rescues: Callie a persimmon Husky found abandoned on the city streets, Annie a tiger striped 10 week old kitty found abandoned on a golf course, Snowball (named by our 5 year old Grandson) a white w/ patches of smoke 2 year old cat found abandoned on the city streets, OC an all black 6 year old cat who turned up on our doorstep as a kitten one winter day when the temperature measured 17 degrees, and Jake the Wonder Dog a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier we’ve had since he was seven weeks old because his owners decided, after one night, they didn’t like dogs. Since our office is at home they are in Heaven. The cats often assist with data entry by climbing on the desk and walking across the keyboard. There are frequent misspellings but their per minute rate is through the roof. The dogs lend assistance by suggesting we take the occasional break and go for a brief walk with them leading. They assure us this relieves tension and helps us retain focus. We believe hey are correct.
    My wife and I are huge believers that our four legged members of the family add great value to our work day. We don’t know we would get anything done without their constant assistance.
    Be encouraged!

    • That’s fantastic. I worked at the SPCA for a couple of years as a dog attendant, so really believe in rescuing. Animals bring so much joy! Thanks for taking the time to share this.

      • Well you are welcome…but really the thanks goes to you for writing the post about bringing in your dog to the office. Since we have always enjoyed having them with us, we are persistent advocators of bringing your pets to the office. We also advocate for bringing the kids there as well. Needless to say we run our two companies much different than the norm, but everyone is happy and seems to truly enjoy the family type environment we have created.

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