Enlightenment as a destructive force

enlightenment destructive


6 Comments on “Enlightenment as a destructive force

  1. this is such a powerful statement. it couldn’t ring more truth in my ears if i had a hearing aid. I am experiencing destruction at the moment… that was really the reason behind my post with the song about a bright sun. i am taking this in as a detox, as an experience that is preparing me for tougher times. But i am ready. thank you for this because it confirms what i am going through at the moment.

    • When I saw this it hit me in a powerful way as well. I’m feeling the crumbling of things around me right now too. I’m hearing that from a lot of people these days; maybe we’re experiencing a detox together as we move forward spiritually.

      • Yes, I truly believe that’s what’s happening. This shift that we’re experiencing is not just individually. But that’s what’s so magical about it… even though it may be a lonely road, this journey of ascension, we’re experiencing similar effects of it, so we can relate. 🙂

  2. As we go along we find little bits of knowledge and little pieces of truth. We can become very pleased with ourselves about this. While all along the masters are saying to us, “Don’t put that in your pocket; leave it where it is and keep moving.” Excellent post and excellent comments. Thank you.

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