Lojong 5:Rest in the nature of alaya, the essence

“The previous slogans undermined not only our fixed views of the substantiality of self and other, but also any attempt to hold onto that realization or even onto the realizer” ~ Judy Lief

This slogan is about resting in stillness that is free from the sevenfold mind. The seven types of consciousness according to Buddhist tradition are:

stillness, Judy Lief, rest; awareness
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  • visual consciousness
  • hearing consciousness
  • smelling consciousness
  • taste consciousness
  • feeling or touch consciousness
  • mind consciousness (the basic coordinating factor governing the other five)
  • nuisance mind (called nyon-yi in Tibetan; nyon is short for nyonmong, or klesha in Sanskrit; yi meaning mind). This refers to the pre-occupations we develop, the samskaras or repeating thoughts that become habitual

By resting in alaya we rest in simplicity where the mind becomes non-discriminating. We see the seven types of consciousness for what they are – manifestations of the mind. Then when we meditate we begin to see that we are not doing anything, we are simply returning to that place of pure awareness, of source. We can rest in alaya at any time. It is always available to us. When we begin to notice the impulse to constantly think, to keep the mind moving, to keep the body moving, we can remind ourselves to return to this place of stillness.


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