To Give and Receive

” To graciously receive is an expression of the dignity of giving. Those who are unable to receive are actually incapable of giving. Giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe” ~ Deepak Chopra

For many this season marks a time of giving and receiving. At times as we grow in spirit, we feel as though receiving is at best unnecessary and at worst a vice that is deemed immoral. I believe that receiving graciously is important. As long as we do not forget that it isn’t the material gift that holds importance, but the sentiment behind it. Material objects themselves are not the problem, it’s the attachments that we form to them. Enjoy your gifts without feeling selfish, but be willing to give them up without feeling a loss. Receive knowing that when we allow another to give to us we set up a divine flow of energy where we become more open to giving.
A friend, Colin Long, posted the following on Facebook yesterday: “Whatever your Christmas tradition is, add one more. Smile at every person you meet. Peace on earth is not complicated, it will simply require a lot of work! Christmas should not be a season it should be an attitude we all adopt”. This is a form of giving that we can all practice no matter our financial constraints, no matter what is going on in our lives. And it is a gift that will keep giving. You never know how a simple smile will affect someone’s day. But if you smile at a

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person, they will likely smile at another.
I have a personal practice of silently sending love and peace to people that I see, especially when they appear to be down or angry. We can never know how these small gifts will change that one person, but I would bet that every time we have the intention of creating peace- whether through a smile or silent words or another practice that you may have- we help the world to heal a little bit more.

To you, your families and friends, I hope the very best of the season. I send you joy and peace.


2 Comments on “To Give and Receive

  1. Peace truly is a job we must work at not an idea to contemplate

  2. Hmm… this hits home. This year I have definitely learned that receiving is not necessarily a bad thing. I love giving, whether it be time, gifts, healing (physical and energetic), moments, etc… But I often find myself feeling uncomfortable when i am offered the same. I realized the giving AND receiving is part of a divine cycle that should not stop. As I catch myself denying a gift, I simply remember this and accept graciously.

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