Lojong Slogan 12 ~ Drive All Blames into One

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This is part 12 of my Lojong (Buddhist Mind Training) Series
When things go wrong in our society we tend to look for the person to blame. With little evidence to support us, at times, we accuse another person or group for what we feel is wrong. At times there is a finger pointing right back at us! Take religious conflicts- both sides feel they are correct in blaming the other side.
Often times when we are busy assigning blame we stop short of truly finding out the cause of a situation. Once we have made the decision that a particular person or group is to blame we look no further. This is dangerous because we may never know how a situation came about and then have little chance of stopping it from happening in the future. When we are able to explore the true cause of a situation we can make change.
blame, blame images, blame game
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When we feel the urge to blame, this slogan asks that we bring that blame inward. This is not in a neurotic “everything is my fault’ kind of way. We are simply asked to look at our own part in a situation. Rather than making everything about an external, look at what we have contributed or not contributed to keep this situation in effect. When we are able to see our part and then act from a place of love, we can make positive changes in our world.


10 Comments on “Lojong Slogan 12 ~ Drive All Blames into One

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  2. Thank you for this post. Since this is a Buddhist teaching, it reminds me that looking at my own responsibility for an ongoing situation includes seeing what conditions led me to think, behave or speak the way I have. Very often I find that a big condition is that I’m holding on to some idea of how the other person is supposed to behave. A view like that is likely to get in the way.

  3. We are all responsible for humanity and the world. The yin and yang are a symbol of the One. To change humanity, you have to change yourself, as we are One being.
    I have been feeling this every day. I can only change myself, and my Peace benefits all!
    Thank you for your inspired post.

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