Lojong Slogan 16: Whatever you meet unexpectedly, join with meditation

This is part 16 of my series on Lojong, Buddhist mind training.

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Being mindful is quite easy when life is going smoothly, when there aren’t any hiccups or any great excitement. When life is moving very quickly though, and we need to be ‘on’ all the time, it’s easy to feel depleted and unable to give. When we meet obstacles in our path or we become engrossed in some exciting new challenge, it becomes more difficult to maintain our equilibrium and more difficult to make these experiences part of our meditative practice. In the gap between surprise and reaction, though, we have the opportunity to choose to meet this new experience with the compassion and awareness that the Lojong slogans are training us to use. Before reacting out of long formed habit, interrupt the momentum. Instead of meeting the experience with preconceived notions, self absorbed thinking or other programmed responses, consider this experience with fresh eyes and meet it with compassion, loving-kindess and full awareness. Every situation is another opportunity for growth and by continuing to practice the mind training as outlined throughout the lojong teachings, we become more experienced and better equipped to handle whatever unexpected challenge life has for us.


5 Comments on “Lojong Slogan 16: Whatever you meet unexpectedly, join with meditation

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  2. I am curious with this. Been teaching myself to meditate deeper, further… playing with the idea… struggling tho. =/
    This may be what I need. Thank you, Reena. Namaste. =)

      • Yes! I saw the first blog you posted on Lojong since it has a pingback from this post. And thank you for the additional link. The monkey chatter can be sooo loud at times. My kindle is full of ebooks on meditation… but I can’t seem to find one that can actually hand bananas to the monkeys to make them shut up! 😉 Or at least get preoccupied…
        The slogans on Lojong is like step by step, like allowing oneself to ‘chill’ on each slogan. This may very well work for me! I think I’m rushing myself to get into it deeper.
        You’re awesome, Reena! =) Keep blogging!

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