The Path

20130628-200234.jpgWe often think we know what we want and what will be best for us. Oftentimes, though, the universe has other plans! We fight against going with the flow when the flow will bring us to the exact place we need to be for our happiness, bliss and peace. When we learn to go with the flow, the path to the destination (if there really is a destination) becomes a little less difficult.
Trust that universe will lead you to the perfect place for you and meet every situation with an eye for adventure and wonder, rather than disappointment and stress. This can only make the journey more fulfilling.


2 Comments on “The Path

  1. I love this post. Very thoughtful. Ive been trying to go with the flow and let the universe take me where it will. I have to say, I’ve been happier and have had more adventures recently than I have in my entire life.

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