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I came across this video written and starring yoga teacher Tara Stiles. She pokes fun at the way in which we dive into fads not really understanding the meaning behind them or the reasons for some rituals. About this video, called Totally Enlightened, she told Elephant Journal : Totally Enlightened! is a story of two bff’s trying to find inner peace in all the wrong places. I wrote this as a short film about 10 years ago when I moved to NYC and started dipping my toes in all the different yoga and spiritual communities that were hanging around, and observing quite a few comedic moments in the process.
What fun is life if we take ourselves so seriously, and what fun is yoga and the search for enlightenment if we are tight, tense, and clenched up from the inside out? No fun at all!
The moral is what you make of it. My intention is to remind us all that the guru is within, and our intuition is always ready to guide the way, whether we are sipping expensive organic tea blessed by a monk, or not. ~ Tara Stiles.

As we move through our personal spiritual journey, it’s important not to miss the point. It isn’t about what you wear, who you follow or any of the things that others will have us believe are the only way to enlightenment. It’s about you and your personal journey. It’s about how you feel inside, what actions you take in your day to day life and whether or not you feel at peace with the decisions you make. As I wrote in my post just the other day, only you can know how you are doing on your path- you really are your own best teacher and guide.
There are some things in this video that could be offensive to Hindus especially. I decided to post it anyway as I believe that to be part of Tara’s point. Sometimes we embrace some aspect of spirituality or religion without really knowing much about it. We can make ourselves out to be experts and end up being offensive. 


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  1. The video was hilarious, thanks. They must have had such fun making it, but it really did seem to be poking fun with abandon at everybody. Mostly themselves.

  2. Thanks for the “like” on my Night Sky post Reena… and this video is funny! Have you ever watched “Things Yogis Say” on youtube? Another hysterical yoga poke!

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