A Real Yoga Body

This is a great article. I sometimes feel as though I live in a bubble where bodies are accepted just the way they are. I forget that there are people who feel they have the right to criticize others for the way they look, the way they act, the way they feel even. As Rachel Priest, the writer of this article suggests, we need to celebrate who we are. We need to practice self-acceptance. Today try to look in the mirror and treat yourself as you would treat your best friend: With compassion, with love, with acceptance. Love yourself- if you don’t love yourself, you portray to others that you are of less value. You are a valuable, loveable and divine being. Worthy of the best possible treatment, worthy of the respect and love of which all other beings are worthy. Look at yourself in the mirror in this way and then turn those same eyes out into the world and see the divine beings all around you.
This is what a real yoga body liooks like


4 Comments on “A Real Yoga Body

  1. Nah, a real yoga body is what non-athletes bring to the practice. The effort rather than any gymnastics perfection.
    My favorite was the old farmer who could do headstands longer than any of us hotshots.

  2. Best part for me… “No one can snuff out my light”… Love love this line!!
    Thanks for sharing, Reena! =)

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