Lojong Slogan 22~If you can practice even when distracted you are well trained

This is part 22 of my series on Lojong– A Buddhist Mindfulness technique

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Yogis are fond of saying that the pain you feel when coming into a pose was not created by the pose – the pose simply revealed it. The same concept is true for mindfulness practice. The flighty, distracted monkey mind was already there – your mindfulness practice has simply revealed it to you.
It is not an easy task to still the mind and the point of mindfulness practice is to lose the distractions, right? So how do we practice even when distracted? Over time when a distraction arises during a meditation, the distraction itself will bring us back to the place of mindfulness. It will become a trigger of sorts to remind us to come back. Acharya Judy Lief says “The instant we notice we have lost our attention, we have regained it.” So allow the distractions to reinforce, rather than destroy, your practice. Notice when you lose either your focus or your loving, compassionate mind and come back to it once again.


5 Comments on “Lojong Slogan 22~If you can practice even when distracted you are well trained

  1. This is well put, Reena. I was recently ‘accused’ of hurting a student when she came into a pose in one of my classes. All I could react was having my mouth hanging open, words ringing in my ears: “I didn’t even touch you”; “Who took your body and got you into that pose?”; “Who wasn’t listening?”… and so on and so on.
    It seems so much easier for us to blame others for our pain… than to truly ask ourselves how we got there, and why we let it happen.
    Thank you for this. xo

    • You’re welcome. I hope the student comes to understand her responsibility in class and you don’t take on any of her stuff:)

      • Ehh… kinda did. I was bogged for some days. And the way it was discussed with me did not exactly appease my heart.
        We move on. But it’ll be sweet to have your blog pasted on her mat when she practices. In bold letters! 😉

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