Happiness is…

Happiness isMost people, not all surprisingly, want to be happy. A big part of allowing happiness into our lives is to ensure that your actions and thoughts are aligned. When we dismiss our own belief system and go with what the majority seems to think we can’t possibly be happy. We may even feel shame at perceiving ourselves to be weak. If this happens, forgive yourself each day and start anew. It’s never too late to find this type of harmony. Sometimes we feel that when we have behaved in a certain way for so long or in a specific environment we can’t spring a new way of being on others. However, people’s expectations are their business and not something that you need to adhere to. In every moment of every day you are granted the gift of choosing to realign to your natural rhythms, to drop your own expectations and to allow yourself the happiness and bliss that you so deserve.


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  1. Clear and well said. I’ve been reading a Gita commentary this morning. So in my mind is the teaching that for any spiritual progress to be made we must learn to act from our true nature, rather than from society’s expectations. Your commentary on this key teaching is down to earth and practical. Thank you.

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