Canada is no longer complacent thanks to Stephen Harper

Here in Canada we had an election for Prime Minister yesterday that had the highest voter

From: thetyee.ca
From: thetyee.ca

turnout since 1993 – still only at 68%, but a jump over past years. We learned a valuable lesson since the last election in 2011. We learned that one person really can make a difference and when that person is the prime minister you want to make sure we’re on the same page for the most part. For me Bill C-51 brought out my political passion. This ‘anti-terrorism’ bill is meant to protect Canadians but it ended up coming across as a little on the racist side. Bill C-51 had immigrants status as Canadian citizens downgraded in a sense – a second class citizen that could be sent back from wherever they came from in certain circumstances. Harper’s government wanted to expand on this bill to have us to report our neighbours if they were engaged in ‘barbaric cultural practices’ – a term left undefined. How it came across to the average Canadian was report your neighbors for being Muslim.
From: www.mroram.ca
From: www.mroram.ca

There were other issues with this Conservative government too; we went from having 2.5 million protected waters to only 159. Some of these protected areas were, admittedly, tiny, but at any rate we were going the wrong way. Then there were women’s issues. Funding cuts to women’s groups in Canada dwindled under a Harper government. All that said- and there’s more I’m sure – we received a gift from Stephen Harper. Just like me, he ignited the passion for politics in many people. And we came out to the polls and showed that we believe in a more balanced political position, that we are complacent no more.
Until Harper it felt like all the candidates were the same. It felt like no matter what we did at the polls the result would be the same. Now we know. Our votes truly do matter. Thank you Stephen Harper.

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  1. I’m so relieved and thankful my fellow Canadians came out. People will be watching Justin like a hawk of course, but to me he represents a younger, fresher energy this country sorely needs after the last 9+ years. And he is probably the first PM to have a wife who teaches yoga! Namaste, Aleya

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