I spent a few days last week in Montréal, Québec (Canada). It’s a lively city with a different vibe than other Canadian cities. The language is French whereas the rest of Canada is primarily English, but it’s more than that. There’s a lot of artwork, different restaurants than I see on the East Coast, and it has a bit of a European feel. Old Montréal in particular is beautiful. There are the cobble-stoned streets, the little shops and the old architecture. That’s set against a backdrop of modernity in the newer parts of the city. From what I saw it’s very clean, pretty friendly (I don’t know if it’s east coast friendly, but we’re a different variety of folk :)) and just a lot of fun!
I wanted to share a few pics of this beautiful city (keeping in mind I am no photographer!) I hope you enjoy!

montreal clock
The Clock Tower on the Waterfront

Jardins (Gardens) Gamelin downtown -where they grow their own veggies and serve drinks.

Old Montreal
A small view of Old Montreal

One of the restaurants where they had a beautiful outdoor area up top with fresh flowers from the walls

outdoor exhinit
An Outdoor art exhibit

Guy Lafleur
As a Canadian we must visit the Bell Centre where the Montreal Canadians Hockey Team plays. Here’s my partner with a statue of Canadians’ legend Guy Lafleur

My little buddy made the journey too:)



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  1. I’ve lived in Canada all my life and never visited Montreal – but I was just saying this morning that it is next on my list. There’s so much beauty to explore in our own country! <3

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