A new year

We are almost to the end of 2017. It’s been a tough year in many ways but I have faith that 2018 will be a special year.
My focus for the new year will be on physical and mental health and I hope that you will come along for the journey.
This year will more than likely bring some big changes for me, as someone -an angel really – has been approved to donate a kidney to me. That could happen as early as February so you can Imagine all the various feelings that I have about that. It has brought home to me the vital importance of maintaining our health- getting enough exercise, getting nutritious foods, looking after our mental health by aligning what we do with our values and getting enough true rest and rejuvenation. It’s through that journey that I still appear healthy even though I have 7% kidney function and It’s how I’ll get through a transplant and come out better than ever! It’s how my donor will maintain her health and how she is well enough to go through this procedure.
I need to do a lot of soul-searching about what really matters to me and how I can keep my life activities in line with that. Over the next while I will be exploring my values more deeply and how I can ensure that my actions are always in alignment with those principles. I will also be looking to make a few changes that will help me with my optimal health. Food prep will be a big part of that moving into the new year and I will be sharing any tips I find that work for me here on my blog.
In keeping with my theme of health and sharing that journey with others, I will continue teaching my classes starting Tuesday, January 2. Here’s where you can find me:
Tuesday’s @ Veith House at 11:30
All levels yoga class. Includes vinyasa style yoga with a heavy side of  core work!
Thursday’s @ 5pm at Nalanda Bodhi
Retora-thai is great for relaxation and gently opening the body. This is a very meditative class with a healthy dose of thai massage included.
Monday’s @6pm at Nalanda Body I
We kick butt in this class through a fusion of Pilates and yoga to fire up your glutes and core which all helps to alleviate back pain while keeping you strong. Get ready to work with a variety of props including bands, weighted balls, and Pilates balls.
Looking for something to help you with your nutrition goals? Have you heard of seed nutrition? If you want info let me know. This has helped me tremendously with arthritis so I’m a believer- so much so that I became an independent distributor.
Happy New Year!!


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  1. Receiving an angel into your being – now that’s the way to start the new year! Blessed be.

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