Inspiration from the past

Here we are on Martin Luther King Jr day in 2018. I’m watching Barrack Obama on the new David Letterman show on Netflix and Obama spoke of how King inspired him. He inspired so many people for many years to come and still does. And yet, I look around the world and see so much work still to do. In some ways it’s disheartening. In other ways he inspires strength of character and bravery in the face of racism, bigotry and hatred. Imagine the courage it took to march on Selma, to watch your fellow citizens be beaten and terrorized and to continue to march on. Imagine keeping the dream alive in the face of all the violence that was occurring. To stand in front of a crowd knowing that you were literally taking your life in your hands. These were ordinary people who dug deep to find their strength to keep going. To speak up and not accept the status quo.
I hope to keep the dream alive in my own small way. To be an ally for those still being adversely affected because of the colour of their skin, the religion they choose, the sexuality they express. Let’s be inspired by the past and by those still working toward the dream.


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