Anything is possible

I have a full week of dialysis behind me now and if I’m being perfectly honest I could do with never going there again! I’m on a 3 day a week schedule. They started me with 2 and a half hour sessions but yesterday moved me up to three and a half hours. It’s been a bit of an adventurer suppose. The second time was uneventful ( a good thing!). The third time my blood clotted up the entire machine and they needed to take me off after 2 hours. They had not given my any anticoagulant that day for some reason. Day 4, yesterday, they did so all went smoothly. During the treatment that is. Afterwards I had a headache. I took a nap when I got home and when I woke the headache was significantly worse and accompanied by pretty extreme nausea. Worse than the nausea that brought me to dialysis to begin with actually. Today is better. I feel normal today. And I don’t have to go back until Tuesday.
The one thing that troubles most me about dialysis is that they are not testing my kidney function regularly now. I plan to ask them to do that again. One size does not fit all when it comes to medicine and I want to know the effect of dialysis from one treatment to the next. I want to know how much function I gain from it and I want to know how much I lose between sessions. Many will think I’m delusional, but there’s still a part of me thinking that a transplant may not be necessary; that maybe the dialysis is going to kickstart my function coming back. There are cases of people recovering and I see no reason why I can’t be one of those people. Medical professionals will tell you that kidneys are incapable of regeneration, but as I said, some people do heal. I need my numbers, and will be in a better position to keep making informed decisions with them.
Looking around the room at the dialysis clinic is a bit heartbreaking. There are so many people that are so sick. That clearly have no hope of life getting better. And then there are the ones who are laughing and full of life no matter what. Keeping spirits up seems an integral part of not only health, but of living a life that feels worthwhile. I’ve had this sense of being on a road to something better throughout the last coup,e of months. Like this is a part of the journey that must be taken in order to get to some destination that I can’t yet see, but can feel. I feel that in order to get there I just need to stay open to all options. To not close off and possibility. To remember that impossible broken down is I’m possible.
I’ve been watching the series called Broken Brain by Dr. Mark Hymen this week and it fascinates me. The key, it would seem, to so many diseases and illnesses is nutrition. Nutrition that reduces the inflammation in our bodies that has been building due to the foreign chemicals and products that we’ve been ingesting for the last half a century. It’s affected our cellular health, right down to the mitochondrial level. It makes complete sense to me. Functional medicine makes complete sense to me. It’s proactive and holistic as opposed to being reaction and symptom oriented. So I ask myself, what can I do in the next month or so to heal my cells? I’m taking the Soul and Core products I mentioned in my last post, which is giving me a great nutritional boost. I eat healthy and will continue to exercise. Will it be a help? Time will only tell. So I need my numbers.


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  1. I really appreciate your perspective and I agree. Thanks very much for sharing.
    I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this past August and was supposed to be dead by now. Instead, I have yet to even receive chemo or other such therapy, however, the cancer is not spreading, my numbers are good, and I am feeling quite well, and I am truly blessed. My oncologist calls it a “head scratcher” because he remains amazed that I ride my bike 10 miles a day, am active, reasonably pain free, and continue to have an attitude of gratitude with my cancer, and three decades as a recovering alcoholic. I do believe that an important part of my treatment is attitude, nutrition and spirituality. So . . . I might be dead in six months, but I am alive and well today!

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