What’s on your to-do list?

I’m in an interesting time right now (understatement of the year!) I’m less than a week away from receiving a kidney from the cousin. I’ve had 25 years to think about this and believe me when I tell you there have been a lot of ups and down – all the feels as the kids are saying these days lol. I’m relatively sure that the seven stages of grief app,y to this situation and it was a long road to acceptance followed by more depression, anger, sadness etc followed by acceptance again. Luckily I’m in a place right now going into surgery where there is deep gratitude to all who have supported me in this journey and have every intention of receiving this gift by being the absolute best version of myself that I can be. I’m human, so I won’t be perfect, but I recognize I’m being given this chance to lead a new life that is authentic, meaningful and fulfilling. I’ve been 5inking about how to say thank you to someone who literally saves your life, and I 5ink this might be the answer. Truly live it.
That brings me to my to-list for the week. I feel partly like I’m planning a great trip, but there are a few items that I’ve not really considered before that have become a priority.

  • Beneficiary information updated ✔️
  • Letter written to my daughter (just in case) ✔️
  • Living will made and discussed ✔️
  • Will in the executors possession ✔️
  • Draft blog post written in the event of my untimely demise ✔️

My partner thinks that I’m being morbid, but that’s not it at all. This is a time that I need to be practical and consider what is important to me and how I would like to be remembered. I’m a flawed human being, as we all are, but I’m a person with good intentions who tries her best to bring something of value to the world. I’m better than I was. I think that’s all we can hope for in life.
I’m pretty sure that both my donor and I will come out of this completely fine. I have no reason to believe otherwise. We’re both pretty fit and healthy (other than that pesky kidney disease for me). So I’m not scared I’m going to die. But any surgery comes with the risk so why not be prepared. Or maybe it’s like when you bring the umbrella thinking it will rain and it turns out sunny? But when you leave the umbrella it rains? Maybe there’s a bit of a superstition to my planning lol. In any event it’s done now.
None of us know how much time we have left. When you’re healthy and feeling good is likely the best time to consider these things. If you knew when your times would be up what would be in your to-do list? If you take the time to consider this, you may find that there are people in your life that are far more important to you than anything else.


9 Comments on “What’s on your to-do list?

  1. The word courage comes from the Latin “cor” which means heart. You personify the heart of courage, Reena, and I so appreciate that you are sharing your journey so heartfully. (P.S., When my son was going through chemotherapy, I often said “He is healthy despite having cancer.” So… I totally get that!). Love and hugs…

  2. Hmm . . . not morbid at all. Quite realistic and kicks into my head the need to get all of that stuff updated as well. Blessings to you and your cousin as you go through this process.

  3. I’ve never really thought about that answer because, for the most part, I do live according to what I’d like to do each day and who I’d like to spend time with. With that said, see you on the other side Reena! And by that I mean, after your surgery, where you’ll be a healthier version of you and back to blogging 😉

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