Day 5 post transplant.

Well, I feel like I’ve turned a corner today. I can see the end of the tunnel. Let me explain, my kidney transplant happened on Tuesday. The surgery went well, as did my cousins and the healing process begun. Unfortunately the kidney was a bit sluggish, I wasn’t producing as much urine as they would have liked. During that period they give you a lot of fluid to ensure the kidney is forced to work so to speak. I had an ultrasound on the kidney to make sure all was going as planned. The pressure from that didn’t exactly feel good on my new wounds, but I survived. When the results came back my surgeon came to see me to tell me that the results didn’t make sense and they would need to open me up again to eyeball it himself. So back to the OR I went. Afterwards he told me that it was a beautiful kidney and it was working well. Phew!
I started to get a feeling of not being able to get a deep breath that day. They told me that there was a little fluid in my lungs, plus I was very bloated from the two surgeries so my belly was interfering too I think. As the day went on, into night, the sensation because quite uncomfortable and I couldn’t lay down. I was sitting up at the side of the bed with my palms holding my head up telling the nurses I can’t breath. My oxygen was low and both my blood pressure and pulse skyrocketed. It was a bad night. At 8am when my nephrologist came in she told the nurses to stop all fluids. I was totally overloaded and my lungs were full of fluid. No wonder I couldn’t get a breath. Over time the fluid started to come off. It was a long day and the scariest part of the entire experience to tell the truth. Not being able to breath is just awful and I hope never to experience that again.
I was due to get out of step down, the unit where you are monitored constantly, when I started to get some racing heart beats. They did an EKG but found nothing. That happened a couple of times and went for a few second each time. The morning after, however, yesterday, I had an episode that lasted for almost 40 minutes. They hooked up the EKG once again and this time it showed some atrial fibrillation. That happens when the atrium chamber starts freaking out kind of and your heart rhythm goes wonky (in my complete laymen terms). They figured this had to do with the huge shifts in fluids over the last couple of days, even though my electrolytes were normal. My body likely felt under a pretty big attack this week I figured. All the fluid, the new drugs, surgeries – it’s a lot to happen in a few days time. They made another medication adjustment and now I feel good. My team is on the ball, thank God, they act quickly and efficiently and really do their best to make sure you don’t get completely freaked out.
No more atrial fib since that episode, the oxygen is normal, pulse is normal and blood pressure is getting there. Fingers crossed today I get the catheter out and get untethered from the machines and have a bit more freedom. I missed the walk down the hall with my donor, lucky girl got to go home before I was able to walk at all. I’m so happy it went so well for her. That was my number one concern, and that went off without a hitch.
I’ve been having outpours of support all week from my beautiful community of family and friends, especially my big sister who has pretty much been by my side the entire time. I’m once again awed and so very grateful for the people in my life. I even had a dream visit from my mom and aunt (my cousins Mom who has also passed over). They just smiled down on me and waved. Their beautiful smiles were a soothing balm.
I feel like I’ve turned the corner and may even get to put on my own PJs today!


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  1. I am so happy for you Reena. It has been quite the journey for you and you have so many more corners to turn but you are strong and you will make it.

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