I’ve been at the hospital a lot these days. It’s been 4 weeks since my kidney transplant and I come 3 days a week to the transplant clinic where I get blood work done and then wait for results to come back so the doctor can go over them with me. I had my blood work done yesterday and got called back to the clinic because they wanted to do an ultrasound on the kidney. My creatinine level keeps going up and down and they wanted to check if there were any blockages in the kidney. Nothing showed up, which is great. Why the levels keep changing is a bit of a mystery though. That said, we patients talk to each other a lot, we’ve gotten to know each other in our hospital stays and clinic appointments, and I’m not the only one. Yesterday the doctor said “I don’t think it’s rejection”. Even hearing the word rejection is a bit scary – so it could be rejections??- but as a patient you need to focus in the whole sentence. It isn’t likely. In rejection the level keeps rising as opposed to going up and down. The surgeon who did the transplant thinks it’s just taking it’s time getting started. Let’s hope that’s all it is. Just a bit of a hiccup.
The good news is I’m feeling good. I’ve started some mild workouts. When I go too far boy do I feel it though! I went for a walk on Monday and ended up lost somehow. I had to call my sister to come get me as I couldn’t make it all the way back home. I won’t go on routes I don’t know again. Twenty minutes of cardio makes me winded. Stretching feels quite different than it used to and twisting is out of the question right now. It’s weird to feel good but kind of weak at the same time. I’m due back to work in three weeks and can’t quite imagine doing that just now. I don’t know if I could stay awake and focused for an 8 hour day. I’ll use sick time if I need it. I’m lucky to have a job where I can do that.
Right now, I’m once again at the hospital waiting for results. I’m extra tired today, probably because I had 2 early days (I need to get blood work at 7 am). I’m hoping I don’t need any more tests this week and I can just have a regular clinic day 9b Friday. Oh to have some normalcy. I look forward to being able to drive again, to get a measure of independence back. To feel like I can move forward a bit more. To be able to go out in crowds without fear of catching something that might land me back in the hospital. Oh, normalcy, where are you?
Good news, my creatinine level came down from yesterday. Now to make that a trend😀


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