Are you looking for something new in your life?

Have you been thinking of going after some dream or goal but haven’t quite decided if it’s the right thing to do? Or maybe it doesn’t feel like the safe thing to do. Change is a necessary part of growth, and yet many people opt for staying in the same job, same lifestyle and same path because they aren’t comfortable with the unknown.
Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Anxious to get out of it, but unsure what action to take? Have you considered breaking down a big dram or goal into smaller parts that will feel more doable? It might be time to do just that. We all have those times in our lives when taking action seems too hard, almost impossible, and yet what happens if you don’t make a change, however small? Nothing! Everything stays the same and you remain in a rut.
Now consider what happens if you start to make a change, a strategic, meaningful change in your life. Now what happens? Maybe nothing will change, but then again, maybe everything will. When we are able to strategize the steps we need to take to achieve a goal and work with it daily, weekly monthly, we can watch our own lives change slowly and steadily.
There have been many times in my own life that I’ve recreated myself. And I have always ended up in a better place emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. The thing is though, growth is a lifetime process. It doesn’t end when one goal is achieved or one change made. We continually grow and change and expand consciously. That’s what makes life so great.
If you’re thinking about a change you could check out my Dreams to Reality Planner, which takes you through a year of looking at yourself in a deep way and making decisions about where to take your life. Or if you’re in the Halifax, NS area, you could book. A session with me. Please visit my website for more information www.reenadavis.com.


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