Better every day

I’m almost 7 weeks post kidney transplant and I’m feeling so much better. My energy is finally coming back to a more normal level and I’m able to walk at a quick pace without losing my breath. It feels fantastic.
An experience like this makes you much more appreciative of the small things in life. A deep breath, a walk outside, the ability to do chores without breaking a sweat- all great things.
This week I was also able to do sun salutes again. It felt so good to go through that flow of movement, linking up with the breath, feeling my body respond like an old friend. Ahhh… I must say though, my shoulders were sore for 3 days! A nice reminder to me about how difficult sun salutes are for people starting into yoga. Even the soreness was a welcome gift. My body is working again.
So much the thankful for these days. I do hope I can always appreciate these small victories and not get caught up in the business of life where we just go through the motions. It’s now a goal for me, so I will take time every day to remember.


6 Comments on “Better every day

  1. Excellent news… so happy for you.
    I still can’t quite manage sun salutes yet… i’m getting there slowly taking each movement as far as I can and trying again the next day.
    Blessings to you xxx

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