The Glorification of Busy

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I started back to work this week after being off on short term disability for 5 months. I was a bit nervous coming back because I knew how stressed I had been before I left and knew I never wanted to experience that again. It actually took about 2 months of being off to feel the ease in my mind and body. Oddly, when I was most sick with kidney disease I felt really good emotionally and my body was feeling quite supple – no knots in my shoulders or neck. Just ease.
So I’ve come back. Almost the first thing I was confronted with was someone talking about how busy they were and how they had worked all weekend getting caught up. I quietly removed myself from that conversation and tucked back into my office. I was noticing the energy of the place, everyone busily and hurriedly walking the halls. Not noticing how their shoulders might be crunching up around their ears or the clenching they might have in their jaws. They were too busy to notice. And the funny thing is these are people who have control over how many clients they take on, have choice about the extra work they take on – they’re choosing busy. Are they choosing it becasue of a sense of importance? A sense of obligation? I don’t pretend to know, but I do know they are choosing it. And I also know I want no part of that energy. I don’t need to glorify being busy, because that often (or always?) means there’s a lack of balance in your life.
Balance is vital in order to feel peace and a sense of contentment in life. Vital for fulfillment. Why would I choose anything else?
How about you? Do you have balance in your life? If you haven’t yet, why not download my free Life Balance Worksheet? It’s quick, easy and insightful. And if there are areas that are a bit lacking even though they’re important to you, start by making one tiny change toward more balance in your life today.


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