A kidney update

It’s been a bit since I gave an update on my post-transplant life. I am 12 weeks post today’s! It’s at this point that they hope the drug levels have been sorted out, that energy is back to normal, that any of the hiccups have been worked through. It’s a good milestone. I’m not quite there yet, but getting closer.
I had some issues with diarrhea (too much information? It’s relevant, I promise). It turns out this is the single most prevalent issue post kidney transplant! Sometimes it’s drug related, other times it isn’t. For me, it has cleared since as switch in my drugs. Before that happened though, my creatinine jumped up to 234 (2.64 for my American friends) and my white cell count dropped to 2.13 (it should be between 5-10), I lost about 6 pound suddenly and I felt pretty crappy. I felt like my energy was depleting more and more rather than getting better. A bit scary, but the team at the transplant clinic were watching everything so closely that I figured my worst case scenario – rejection – wasn’t on the table so I could deal.
I had an update yesterday and it showed that after holding one of the rejection meds my creatinine is slowly coming down (218 today or 2.4), my white cell count. Has come up some, it’s over 3 now and my energy is much better. I feel like I’m back on track!
As always there are stresses happening in life, primarily in my family. But I feel like I’m able to contribute to helping others now, to trust my body to keep healing as long as I don’t mistreat it, like I’ve got the strength to carry on with the life I’m creating. I recognize that the most significant way I can show my respect to my late mother and my family through difficult times is to not waste my life. To not allow myself to go there again, as I did when my mother passed. I was given this gift for a reason, and I will honour it no matter what.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this update
    I’m so glad things are beginning to turn around for you Reena, slowly but surely wins the race xxx
    Blessings to you xxx

    • Thanks for asking about her. She is doing great. Back to soccer, paddling, gardening. Busy lady just like always❤️

  2. Great to hear that you are doing fairly well – I am due for a transplant as well, but so far my kidneys are still functioning well enough that I don’t need surgery yet. Sending you blessings!

    • Oh wow! Best of luck to you with everything. Do you have a donor already? I’m doing so much better now, I’m just over 3 months post transplant and feeling like my old self. Energy is great!

      • My husband is going to be my donor through the paired donation program. I’m so glad to hear your energy is great-that is my biggest struggle! I have to nap often twice a day and I’m still tired! You don’t find the meds are a problem? I got kind of scared when I heard about all the side effects.

      • The meds haven’t been an issue for me in terms of energy. They did need to play with the doses for about 3 months until finding the right doses though. I was scared too when I saw the side effects, but so far I’m doing great with it. I know a couple who did the paired exchange. They are both doing well now too. Awesome thing to do💕

  3. Thank you for sharing your kidney transplant experience. I can relate. If in someways this will be encouraging to you, I am now on my 16th year post kidney transplant by the grace of our Lord Almighty. So far, I am living a very normal life aside from few infections every now and then but other than that, I am very okay. God is good all the time!

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