Feeling supported

The other day at work started quite disastrously. I went in early to upgrade software that we use for our entire database of clients. It typically takes me about 30-60 minutes to complete so I can get it done before most people even arrive, no one is affected. This day did not go as planned.
It started when I was looking at the newest upgrade instructions and saw we now needed a new java program and Tomcat. I downloaded those and then started the usual upgrade process. It typically comes in 5 parts and you need to do them in a specific order. No problem, right? Problem 1 – my brain was not cooperating with this. Having been away from that type of work for 5 months and even longer from the big software upgrades had my logical brain slightly muted, shall we say. I’ve been working on coaching and yoga philosophy and that sort of thing for quite a while. Immersed in it really. Totally re-wired my brain it would seem. Problem 2: once the upgrade was complete (or so I thought) the program would not open, like, at all! And it was now 9:30- people were in now patiently waiting to be able to work. And I had no clue what to do. I called the company that makes the software and they were very helpful, and not too judgy. They logged in and fixed some things. The 2 programs I thought I downloaded were not there at all. No idea what happened there. None of the upgrades took. Again, no idea what happened. 6- yes, you got that right- 6 calls to the company later we were up and running again. I just needed to go to every computer in the office and add the new plugins. Which is time consuming.
My anxiety was ridiculously high, even though I kept telling myself ‘no one will die, just breath’. I was imagining people coming to yell at me because they needed something RIGHT NOW. That didn’t happen. Here’s what did happen:
My friend/right hand woman in the office stood by me the entire day. She brought me coffee twice, she asked if I needed a snack, she brought me a neck warmer to ease the the tension. She took notes on what had to happen on each computer so she could help me. She reminded me repeatedly that I didn’t need to be anxious, it would all work out. The students that were in the office, 10 at the time, all helped. I went to them and said ‘If I walk you through how to do this on each of your computers, could you help me out?’ They all did. And they helped each other out when one student wasn’t clear on what was going on. We, the whole team, pulled together and got the work done by 5pm, 9 hours after I started, rather than what likely would have been midnight if I had to do it on my own.
These folks worked with me on this simply because I asked, nothing in it for them. As a matter of fact they likely had a million other things to do. What a wonderful, supportive group of people. Proud to call them my co-workers!
Wouldn’t it be great if work days were always that way. We worked as teams and supported one another when needed? Too often people are caught up in their own agendas and their own problems and don’t recognize when another person is struggling. I get some of that at work too, for sure, but not from this particular group. This group is due a treat from me!


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