What are you missing out on?

When we are looking at attaining a goal it sometimes feel as if it isn’t possible. It feels too big, there are too many obstacles in the way of getting there or we don’t feel adequate in our skills or our abilities to achieve it. We sometimes stop before we even try.
When you consider a goal that you have, whether spoken aloud or not, is this where your mind goes? All the reasons it can’t happen? Have you considered what you are actually missing out on if you don’t go for it?
I’ve been working with a couple of people lately that have identified weight loss as a goal. When asked what that would do for them they speak of more confidence, better self-esteem, a longer and healthier life free of related illnesses. These are the real reasons behind wanting to lose weight – not to get a bikini body or look great to the others. And I’m not referring to getting skinny here, just being a healthy weight.
When asked what they’re missing out on right now, the answers are interesting I find. Relationships, whether romantic, sexual or friendships are often at the top. There are other things too, like physical activities that were once enjoyable that have become uncomfortable, but connections with others tops those.
I like to believe that we all have the ability to connect on a deep level with others at any time no matter your size, shape, colour or other factors that can present challenges to some in certain circumstances. Is that true? Our society often makes that difficult for people. Back to weight, as an example. If someone is obese by medical standards, there is often thinking that they need to be jolly. Because who wants to interact with a fat, cranky person? (I do, just as a side note). That eliminates the possibility of real, authentic relationships for people though. And that means missing out on a potentially deep connection with someone who is fantastic!
So when I ask what are you missing out on, I’m asking both the person who has goals they aren’t pursuing and the person who is not supportive of the one who is afraid to take the chance. Everyone is in need of support, at times much more than other times in life. We all need deep connections and safe relationships where we can share our desires and not be judged for them. We all need someone who says they believe in you, especially when we don’t believe in ourselves.
So, what are you missing out on?


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  1. I feel this is a great article. It doesn’t matter the day and time, we always need good council in life to be able to make wise decisions towards a successful future. You need great fellowship to be able to achieve your goals. This article allowed me to thing within my own life on what I may be missing out on that I need to achieve my goals. Thank you!

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