International Self Care Day

July 24th marks international self care day! That’s great to focus in some way everyday, and especially today. So far I’ve taught yoga and will be doing massage and coaching a bit later. That’s for other people’s self care. Then I plan to sit back with a nice cup of herbal tea, put some essential oils on and chill out to read a book. Likely while sitting outside overlooking the water. Ahhhh.
What will you be doing? There are so many different ways to look after ourselves from the foods that we eat to the way that we hold ourselves in the world. Being your true authentic self is one way that many struggle with. If that sounds like you, maybe it’s time to coax the real you out of that hidden place and shine the light on yourself. This allows you to begin acting and being in ways that are congruent with your true nature and that removes so much stress and anxiety from life.
There are other ways too, of course. So what’s it gonna be? How will you take care of you today?


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