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What’s your favourite sweet? Mine was always gummy candies and jelly beans, candies of that nature, with a very close second of chocolate. I ate it every day. I could eat sugar anytime, nothing was too sweet for me. Even the drink they give you for a diabetes test that everyone says is sickeningly sweet- like a glass of juice to me.

However, I was experiencing a whole lot of brain fog, you know that spacey, tired feeling that you get. The one when the sugar high wears off and we start to come down. Do you know why that happens? Let me tell you a bit.

When we overload on sugar, our body sends out an emergency supply of insulin to get our blood sugars back in balance. And make no mistake, your body considers this an emergency! That need for balance in the body is vital to all of our systems really. The pancreas, however, has gotten pretty used to these sugar overloads, so it sends lots of insulin. That means our blood sugar drops dramatically and we get the symptoms of low blood sugar. When that happens, we feel tired, confused, shaky sometimes and often quite cranky. And then what? Well we crave more sugar, of course! That’s the sugar rollercoaster that we often hear about.

When we get those sugar cravings under control, we can stop the cycle and get back to a balanced level of blood sugar. That helps our bodies in so many ways. Our cravings start to adjust to what the body actually needs. We become clearer in our thoughts, likely lose weight and loads of other benefits for our health.

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4 Comments on “Sugar, Sugar

  1. This is so relatable. Nothing is too sweet for me either, even that glucose drink. It’s only gotten worse in recent years, and started when I quit drinking. It sounds like you made a real change and I’m curious to know more about that. Thanks for this post!

    • Mine started after quitting drinking too. Alcohol metabolizes as sugar so when you take it away you start craving sugar!

  2. Baklava is my favorite sweet. But not the kind you buy in store made with honey. We use rose water and it’s amazing.

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