Feeling Grateful

Grateful-Heart-2This is thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and I must say I’m feeling quite grateful for many things in my life. I’m grateful for all of my clients, massage and coaching, and of course my yoga participants. These people have been tremendously loyal to me and I hope that they feel my loyalty and support as well.

I’m also thankful to the 2 people who joined my first 14 day cleanse that ended last night! They did a great job honouring themselves and have learned new habits and something about themselves. One has realized that she has a wheat sensitivity causing discomfort in her stomach and has made the decision not to add it back. She also lost over 5 pounds over the 14 days. The other learned where her vulnerabilities lie and was able to let go of her sugar cravings and get back on track with her nutrition. She also lost 7 pounds. I’m grateful that they shared the journey with me and supported each other as well.

I do have another cleanse starting on Saturday, October 13th and ending on October 26th. If you’d like to join in let me know!

Back to being grateful. I’m of course grateful for the many changes that happened in my life this year – my new kidney from my cousin, my progression since then. Now 7 months later feeling so great and energetic. I’m grateful for the opportunity to leave my full time work and strike out on my own, a dream I’ve wanted to follow for many years.

I’m grateful most, I think, for my family. My siblings have been an amazing group of friends my whole life. And they married people that became amazing and supportive friends as well! All of their children and grandchildren are loved and settling into their roles as supportive, loving family members as they grow older. How wonderful to end up in a family so filled with love. My mom would be so proud of how we’ve carried on in supporting each other after she passed away. I love my family dearly. They are the single most important thing in my life. And, of course, my daughter is a loving woman herself now. Full of compassion and bright, she has set her sights on saving the oceans in her studies. I know that she can do whatever it is she sets her mind to and that she will become even more interesting and passionate as she grows older. Eternally grateful <3 .


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  1. I love how your cleanse is changing lives! I hope you are able to enjoy your Canadian Thanksgiving! Yes, we all have a lot to be thankful for! I am glad you shared with us!

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