What do you get to do today?

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We often think about the endless tasks of everyday living, all the things that we have to do. What if, instead of thinking about what we have to do, we consider what we get to do?

Today, for example, I’m studying for a fitness recertification exam. I don’t really feel like studying (thus I’m taking a break and writing a blog post 🙂 ). However, this isn’t something that everyone gets to do. You need to have the money to do the course in the first place; you need to have the ability to read and take in information- to learn; you need to have a measure of mobility to teach fitness; you need to have access to transportation to get to the exam (whether public or private). There are probably more, the point being, I get to study for an exam, I get to take the exam, I get to teach fitness.

Reframing our thoughts around what we get to do rather than what we have to do is an important step in making positive change in our lives. When we focus on eating well, for example, as something we get to do, we are far more likely to make that shift that we are if it feels like we have to do it.

What do you get to do today?


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