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Do you suffer from imposter syndrome; feeling as if what you do is somehow fraudulent, that you are not truly qualified for the work you do or the role you play? It’s actually pretty common. It’s believed that this often starts with messages we hear growing up (the way we have interpreted those messages as opposed to the intended message). This leads to a feeling that we are never really good enough for the salary we make or the position we are hired for, or that we aren’t good enough for the person we’re in a relationship with. Even for the friends we have at times.

Here are some of the thoughts that might be running through your mind on a loop if you are feeling like the imposter:

  • They’ll find out I don’t know what I’m doing
  • I was just lucky to get this
  • Anyone could do this
  • I only got this because of a connection
  • I cannot fail or everyone will find out
  • Minimizing language that downplays efforts
  • I just wing it and somehow it works out

All of these thoughts undermine what you know, what you are capable of and what you are able to accomplish now and the resourcefulness you possess. They’re detrimental to a healthy ego and to health in general. Having these types of thoughts on loop is stressful! Feeling like you can’t fail or someone will find out you’ve been handed something you didn’t deserve will keep your cortisol levels elevated pretty much all the time. That leads to more weight gain for one, unhealthy blood pressure and perhaps elevated heart rate causing extra strain on the heart. It also means you’re less likely to engage in self-care activities – because you don’t feel you deserve those types of things either.

So what do you do? Start by making a list of accomplishments. Be honest with yourself. Say them out loud and own them. Next make a list of qualities that other people have told you about. What compliments have people given you? What have they identified as your skills? What do others think you’re great at? List them out. And again, start to own them.

Make an empowering statement about who you really are. What is it you want to accomplish next? Know that you can do it. Own your greatness!


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