Happy Feet Challenge!


Your feet work SO HARD for you ALL DAY LONG. This week I’m challenging you to show them some love by giving them a little massage!

All you need is a tennis or lacrosse ball and a few minutes – you can do this when you’re winding down at night in front of the computer at TV or sitting at your desk (no one has to know!).

Simply roll each foot (no shoes!) on the ball for a few minutes. Go as fast or as slow as you want, applying as much or as little pressure as feels good. 👣👣

As you go, you’ll notice some spots feel tighter than others. Spend a little extra time on each tender/tight spot and let the muscles relax a bit.

The goal isn’t to cause yourself any pain. You should feel like you’re releasing some tension in your feet as you go! It should actually feel really good!

Sometimes our feet can get so tight we don’t even notice they could use a little TLC.

 You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make in how doing this will actually release tightness up through your legs and hips and impact the rest of your body!  It’s also a great preventive exercise for plantar fasciitis.

Your challenge is to get a ball and roll your feet every day for 3-5 minutes each!

Are you in? I certainly am!  Let me know in the comments below…


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