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lotus1I have a lot of new products available right now! From soaps (which are the funnest thing in the world to make!) to aromatherapy jewelry, I have loads of product going on.

I’ve been enjoying making these items and have become a bit of a scientist. My kitchen has become a lab. There are test tubes and beakers going on, always a pot of boiling water to sterilizing the packaging. All I’m missing is the lab goggles and white coat! It’s been a bit addictive for me, which means I’m making way too much. It’s something I find fun and interesting and worthy. All natural products that are ethically sourced and fair trade are the name of my game. I want to be able to bring only the purest ingredients that are also safe. That’s a bit of a balancing act I’m finding. Safety has to take centre stage. If you’ve been following me you know that I am on anti-rejection drugs that lower my immunity so coming from that perspective, I want nothing that could breed bacteria folks. I’ve found some natural preservatives as a result. They are not going to keep as long as synthetic preservatives (like several years), so everything comes with an expiry date, somewhere between 6 months and 2 years depending on the product. Anything that goes in the shower or tub, so is exposed to water needs a shorter shelf life.

Visit my page – you might find a few nice gifts or products for yourself!


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