Time to exhale

The winter solstice is here. It’s known to be the height of the inhale, meaning that it’s now the start of a long exhalation energetically. We are often engaged in yang activities during this time, festive parties, celebrating often to excess, and yet this is the time of lowest energy. It’s the time of the deepest darkness, and when we need more rest.

Use your winter energy wisely. Walking, tai chi, meditation and yoga practices of a more restorative nature are important ways to wind down. Balance, as always is the name of the game. We don’t need to let go of our yang practice, it’s simply a time to be especially careful about having the yin in your life too.

Eating warmer, perhaps spicier foods is a way to strengthen your yang so that you do keep up your energy for those activities. And think about getting vegetables that are cooked and warmer as opposed to raw in the winter. Finding time for slowing down and connecting with your yin energy will help you to stay in sync. If you find yourself in situations where a lot of stress and chaos comes up, be sure to take quiet time in equal measure.

This year, we have the full moon as well during the darkest night of the year. The full moon brings about heightened emotions, but is also the time for manifestation. Consider what you want to manifest and hold a clear vision of that during the full moon, which will be visible both tonight and tomorrow night.

Nurture yourself during this time, and feel your body exhale all of the busy, stressful energy from the full inhale we are now letting go of.


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