Take charge of your health

healthy eating, diet and  detox . dumbbells, kiwi  waterI’ve put together a short course on Udemy called Take Charge of your Health! Tune in to learn tips on the following:

  • What sugar is doing to your body
  • Why some fats are absolutely vital
  • Why low fat and fat free need to get out of your kitchen
  • What happens when unhealthy fat and sugar get together
  • A 4 day experiment to determine what protein sources are best for you
  • How to use food prep as a tool
  • How to create a magic plate
  • Start to uncover the reasons you keep falling back on old habits

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of this course you will know how to transform your health holistically.
  • Know how to move your health to a new level.
  • Learn an experiment to discover which foods are right for your body.
  • You will know why you are trapped on the sugar roller coaster and how to get off.
  • Tools to help you achieve the health you want.

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