The Inevitable Crash

While we strive to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, there are times when everything goes wrong. The power goes out, we find out on a long drive that the healthier place where you were planning to eat closed down, you get sick – anything can happen! And it can throw off our best efforts.

When the inevitable, unexpected event occurs, we still have choices to make. We can choose the healthiest option under the circumstances. That could mean eating chips with the fewest ingredients! You need to eat, not eating isn’t an option. It’s actually one of the worst options you could make. If you found yourself in a fast food restaurant, check the menu over and figure out what would be the best option for you. What will give you the fewest symptoms if you happen to get symptomatic with certain foods? Over my years of managing kidney disease with diet, I found myself in situations like this from time to time. I had to eat much less sodium that the average person, and pre-transplant if I ate too much of it I would experience what I called a salt hangover. So when I found myself in situations like this I would ask for fries with no salt, I would get beef instead of chicken (chicken is soaked in brine during transport). And if going out to dinner I would check menus ahead of time and make decisions based on what I saw. Even better when they listed nutritional info!

The take away here is not to stress when you find yourself in a less than ideal situation. Rigidly following a healthy lifestyle can lead to a great deal of stress. Stress can cause you to hang on to weight, cause high blood pressure, effects sleep and so much more! The idea behind a healthy lifestyle is to also manage stress.

One of the tools I ask my clients to use regularly is to do an emotional check in prior to eating. If they find they are stressed before the meal it’s very important to bring that under control. Luckily, that can be pretty easy to do. Deep breathing is a strong relaxation technique. Make the exhale longer than the inhale to bring a greater sense of calm. When we’re stressed we don’t digest properly, and that leaves us with less nourishment. Breathe!

The last thing I want you to consider when in these unexpected circumstances is that it isn’t the end of your healthy, nutritious meal plan. It’s one of 21 meals in a week. Just one. So when you have that one less than ideal (or even way off the mark) meal, don’t stress over it. In fact, enjoy it fully. And know that the next meal will provide the nutrition that you need. This is not the end. It’s just an experience.

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