What would change if…

You overcame your greatest fear? Would you step out of your shell? Would you go after the job you want? Would you approach the person you’ve been interested in for some time?

Overcoming fears can feel impossible! We feel fear deep inside and it can be paralyzing. It can also become a part of who we are. A piece of our identity just like other roles we play. And in our own time, we are ready to let go of fears. If that’s where you are, consider how this fear is holding you back and what would open up for you if you moved out of fear. What would your life look like? Who would you spend your time with? What different things would you do? How would you feel? Does that image seem important to you? Overcoming fear starts with recognizing it for what it is and how it shows up in your life. How does it affect your quality of life? When this image is clear here are a few steps you can take to overcoming the fear.

  • When you close your eyes and form a picture of this fear, what stands out to you? Observe this as if from a third person and objectively opine what the fear is actually about. What are you really scare of?
  • Become curious about the fear. What thoughts pop up when you picture this? Are these thoughts true? Become an observer of your thoughts.
  • When you consider deeply what is happening in your life at this moment, where do you feel lacking? Sometimes our fears and anxieties will heighten when we are feeling lack in some area of our lives. Again, ask yourself if this is true. If it is, how can you overcome this lack? What specific steps can you take?
  • Journal you’re fears. Get them down on paper and out of your head. One method I found quite useful in my own life at a particularly fearful time, was to write notes on small pieces of paper every time a fear popped up for me. I put those fears into a container and gave them to God. Every time that fear came to mind again, I told myself “God’s got it”. It helped me a great deal and might help you too!
  • Take action. One tiny step away from that fear and then celebrate your success. Know that it isn’t easy to overcome fears, especially when they are deep seated. Celebrate every time you are able to move out of paralysis and into freedom.

Using a life coach can also be useful, of course. A life coach will help you to take the steps and to see your progress. They can help you to see where the fear comes from and how it shows up and holds you back. Finding the right coach for you might mean shopping around a bit to ind the person you have rapport with. Luckily, coaches often provide a free first session so you can both see if you’re a good fit.

If you would like to start overcoming your own fears and move more fully into your life and your aliveness, book a free session with me. It’s completely free and there are no commitments. You might just get the aha you’ve been looking for. https://reenadavis.as.me/transform


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