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I was recently asked if I could write a post on Christ Consciousness (thank you for the great idea Kate!) I immediately thought ‘what a great idea’ and started to research it more in depth. In yoga philosophy, we study the 8 limbed path written by Patanjali (Yamas or restraints, niyamas or self-discipline, asana or postures, pranayama or breathwork, pratyahara or withdrawal of senses, dharana or concentration, dhyana or meditation, and samadhi). Samadhi is the equivalent of Christ consciousness from the yogic perspective.

Samadhi is broken down to sam – together, a – toward, dhi – sometimes interpreted as to hold together, other times as simply perfect. It’s the state of disengaging from the senses, the body and simply being consciousness. To be consciousness is to be Christ. This is the final step in the 8 limbed path that can be achieved through the other 7. It is enlightenment.

Enlightenment, from this perspective, is the state when we live our true essence, that part of us that can not be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled. It is our very soul. When we are able to live from our soul rather than our ego, we simply are. We do not put on airs, we do not seek achievement for ourselves, we do not seek to be more than any other individual or any other living thing. We simply are. We recognize the true nature of life – that we are all one in terms of our energetic blueprint. Our energy is simply being held together by thought so that we can experience being human.

We practice being Christ consciousness through meditation for the most part. Activating the pineal gland, often referred to as the seat of Christ consciousness, is a most effective way. The pineal gland is activated through meditation at the Ajna or third eye chakra. This can be done by ‘gazing at the third eye’ (concentrating on that point while meditating) or by use of stones that can be placed on the area. Since the third eye chakra is said to be indigo (a purplish blue) stones such as amethyst which are purple can be used. Also Shungite is a great stone for this area. There are calcite micro crystals within the pineal gland that appear to be greatly affected by Shungite in terms of healing both physically and emotionally.

So, Christ consciousness is living as Jesus Christ once did, it is thinking and feeling in this way that takes into account all of life. Knowing that when we raise our own vibrations we bring all other life up as well. Many that come from a spiritual perspective practice raising their vibrations, not always while considering all of human kind, and all other life, however. To be honest, I’m not so sure that enlightenment is achievable while in a human body. I believe that we practice and we get closer and closer throughout our lives. To completely withdraw our senses and think of the entire living world in all of our deeds, however, is a pretty hefty goal. It is a worthy one, though, and through continuous practice we can continue to love and live in alignment with Christ consciousness in our hearts. That will lead us to a state of more loving kindness every day. It will lead us to think of others far more often. It will also lead us to forgiveness for ourselves when we don’t quite get there. We are all still living a human existence and perfection is out of reach for the most part. But less than perfect is still pretty damn good.


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  1. human existence is not separate from Christ existence. it is only mind that keeps us away.
    deeply seeded mental habits.

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