Opening to Possibilities

Are you open to what is possible for you? At times I feel that I am completely open, other times my dreams and goals feel daunting. I suspect that’s the case for many people. If you are someone that is closed to possibilities, who is unable to see any way through, that’s a completely different scenario however.

When we are unable to see past the obstacles that stand before us, we feel stuck, often stressed and frustrated. We also may feel that our lives are out of our control. An external locus of control, when we blame the external world for what we feel is being done to us, can lead to feelings of depression, powerlessness and more. An internal locus of control, on the other hand leads to a more determined attitude, a feeling that we can make our lives rather than our lives being made for us.

So how does the locus of control tie in with an open or closed mind? When we feel everything is happening to us, that we have no control, we are closed to the possibility that there are ways around our obstacles. We are essentially closed to possibilities. Here are a few tips for getting pas this:

  • Embrace self-awareness: Get to truly know yourself and your own thought processed. Do you feel you have control or no? What are your priorities? Becoming more self-aware may uncover some deep seated reasons you can’t see beyond the obstacles you are facing. This might require help in the form of counselling, coaching or even a great book.
  • Manage your time and expectations: Notice the small changes that are taking place rather than give up because the final result isn’t coming fast enough. Give yourself the time you really need to move beyond the wall, it won’t happen overnight. And that’s ok.
  • Commit to focus: Be a little disciplined; it’s ok. Discipline isn’t a dirty word 🙂 Disciplining ourselves helps us to achieve. If that means letting go of those events or activities that add no really meaning do it! Be mindful in your use of time.
  • Get creative: I don’t mean draw, paint or sculpt necessarily (although all great!). Get out of your normal headspace in whatever way that happens for you. You might dance, write, take up a language , sing karaoke – whatever allows your mind to disengage from the problem you are trying to solve. Give it a rest and see what solutions pop up for you!

Opening to possibilities that are waiting for you can allow your perspective to change, flow you to find more fulfillment and feel more alive and engaged with life. If that’s not a worthy goal, I don’t know what is!

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