May we be safe

I just did my morning meditation in which I was using the phrases in the graphic. This was a guided meditation with Kristin Neff . Sometimes, when we find it difficult to still our minds, guided meditations are a wonderful tool. And there are so many on so many different topics to get to the heart of what you are feeling at any particular time. Today I felt I needed a meditation around self love and compassion. This is a running theme in my life. I demand a lot of myself. Likely more than anyone else. And when I don’t perceive I have met my standard I can beat up on myself. It doesn’t happen often anymore (thankfully!), but it does creep up from time to time. And in those moments now I look to the help of a guided meditation, an affirmation to remind me that I don’t need perfection.

We are all having the experience of being human, and to think that any of us are exempt from feeling the full range of emotions is to deny our very humanness. When we allow the emotions to sweep over us, we are able to let the wave pass. And when we feel fully and allow the emotion to subside on its own, we can let it go without the side effects of burying our emotions.

I hope that you all feel safe, you all feel peaceful, that you are kind to yourself and others and that you accept your life exactly as it is.


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