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Your-life-is-your-story.-Write-well.-Edit-often.-editeaza-ti-viataI am a goal oriented person. I create personal and business goals and make lists of the steps I need to take to get there. I have my business plan laid out in a document that incorporates all business aspects, meaning what marketing is required, finance required, time frames and on and on. I chip away at it bit by bit knowing what it is I’m trying to create.
When it comes to our lives, not many people have such plans in mind though. Many of us create work related goals, but no real plan for the rest of our lives! It’s kind of shocking when you consider it. I mean, the rest of our lives is pretty important business!
For me, one of the very first, and very important steps to take is to figure out what I truly value. We’re all different. A good example of how some people differ is to look at varying thoughts around security. Some people are strongly driven by a sense of security while others value adventure and risk much more. The same can be said for many of our personal values. There are several exercises that can be done to uncover what you value most (and the results can be surprising).
You can also consider what impact you want to make, what legacy you want to leave behind. One tool for doing this is to write your own obituary. What would you like people to remember about your life? Are you working toward that?
When you give these items deep thought you may uncover your path in life as well. Once you know your values and your desired legacy determine if you will accomplish that in the life you are currently leading. If not, what needs to change to bring your vision about? Are you willing to do that? If not, you may not have dug deep enough to find what your big motivation is; if you aren’t motivated enough, you didn’t find your passionate path; the one you must take because if you don’t you will feel unfulfilled and regretful. Find it!
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