At ease

I’m writing this from my bedroom where I’m listening to the birds sing and watching rainbows shimmer on the wall from the crystal that hangs in my window. The crystal is a large ball and above it there is a hummingbird. It’s very meaningful to me as the hummingbird is the symbol that my mother chose as the symbol that she was near prior to her death (we can be an odd family, choosing ahead of time what will signal our spirits closeness, but there’s comfort to it). Rainbows were what my sister chose as her symbol prior to her death 3 short months ago that seems so long.
So when I lay in my bed each Saturday morning to write, this is what I see and it brings ease. It’s comforting on some level. Yes, I’ve created the rainbows and the hummingbird – they aren’t the random occurrence that tells me they are nearby, but they still bring comfort. It’s a very nice way to spend my Saturday morning after an often very busy week.

I have other way that I build ease into my day; taking a deep breath and very purposefully releasing my shoulders. Or being mindful of what’s directly in front of me rather than focussing on what’s ahead all the time. That helps when life gets out of control. And, of course, finding ease in stressful situations. For example, in traffic I can react to everything happening with frustration (and believe me I do sometimes), or I can find the ease of the moment – that I have the time to simply sit attentively and bring awareness to this moment. Awareness of the other people I’m surrounded by, of those walking along the street, of the sky or the water that I’m often driving by too quickly to truly take in. And when I remember to do that rather than focussing on how long it will take to get wherever I am going, I find that sense of ease just the same as if I’m in my bedroom writing. It’s such a simple thing to do, but often not thought of as an alternative. As I become more engaged in my own mindfulness practice I find the shifting of stress. Don’t get my wrong – I’m no spiritual master! Just last weekend (and the week before) while moving I felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t sleep well, I wasn’t eating right for my body and I was exhausted which brought on a whole lot of stress and frustration and sense of discord. But the funny thing about mindfulness, yoga and other spiritual practices is they are just that – practices. We’re not meant to become super humans that sail through life. And mindfulness is not all about finding the pretty moments and just putting our focus there – it’s about dealing with real life, the good, the bad and the ugly, in the moment. When we find the frustrating bits of life and truly look at them we may discover they aren’t that big a deal. On the other hand, if we’re in pain and bring our awareness fully to it, we immerse ourselves into the human condition (although we also likely discover pain comes and goes like a wave).

Find the ease of the moment – every moment. Allow yourself to ride the waves no matter where they take you. Feel – truly feel – whatever is happening with a curious mind. That’s where the ease will be.


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