The Gift of Awareness

Have you ever gone through a period of time and eaten badly, didn’t treat your body right and felt generally gross as a result? (Haven’t we all?) Often we beat ourselves up over treating ourselves poorly, about being ‘bad’ , dropping off our prescribed feel good plan etc, etc. What if, instead of beating ourselves up, we find the gift that is awareness?

When we begin on a journey of increased health and wellness we start to realize that how we had been feeling wasn’t so good. I have health coaching clients who are quite amazed that they didn’t know how poorly they had been feeling, in fact. We can get used to anything – including feeling like a bag of sh*t! When we know better, we do better as the saying goes.
When we then take a detour down the old path, which by the way, is completely normal and expected, we are once again confronted with the realization that, yes, that feels gross! This is a time when people generally have a choice: beat yourself up, decide that you failed and go back to the way things were because, ‘hey, I just don’t have what it takes to maintain a lifestyle like this’ or realize the gift that you’ve been given – more deeply rooted awareness into the difference food, exercise etc has made for you! You experimented, essentially, and have discovered again ‘yup, this way feels a whole lot better!’

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and small steps. Eating healthier, more nourishing foods is no exception! Beating ourselves up about it only makes us feel worse, it doesn’t spur us on to better choices long term. When we are completely rigid in our thinking around health we are setting up the scenario for failure. Every time we make choices that are not as optimal for our health, we can look at it as an experiment, nothing more. It isn’t good or bad. It’s a choice. Period. It indicates nothing about how the rest of your life will proceed. It is more awareness.

We can relax in the awareness that no matter what, we can love ourselves through all the ups and downs of life, as a best friend would, compassionately and lovingly. It’s time to treat yourself like your own best friend.


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