Building Resilience

It’s very common to feel overwhelmed these days, and we easily burn out from all that needs to get done. From parenting to work even to our social lives, keeping up can be damn hard. Add on to that all the ‘shoulds’ and we have a recipe for anxiety, depression and other concerns around our mental health and our physical health as a result. 
There are ways to deal with feelings of overwhelm and here are a few:

  • Accept the feelings: try tuning in to the feeling of overwhelm and breath into it. Notice the ebb and flow of the feeling knowing that this isn’t permanent. 
  • Stay present in the moment and put this into perspective. You are not abnormal or broken due to these feelings. They’re perfectly normal. 
  • Look at the ways you have been coping. They might nt be the very best ways, but you have been using some coping mechanism. For some it’s eating, drinking and a variety of other tools. Thank the part of yourself for the good intention and then look for other, perhaps healthier ways.
  • Rest. Everyone needs down time to recharge. Put yourself higher on the priority list and take the time you need. You won’t be capable of keeping up if you let your energy reserves deplete.
  • Meditate. This is such a fabulous tool for so many reasons. If you haven’t yet mediated, maybe it’s time to take it up. There are lots of methods and no one is the only way. Take a few minutes and give yourself this gift.

We all have our ways of coping, and as we grow emotionally, spiritually and through wisdom, they change. Finding the healthiest ways for you is key.
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