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Have you ever started on a road to make changes that will benefit you greatly, only to find yourself waining far too quickly? Losing motivation and deciding it isn’t worth it after all? Have you thought much about why you do that?

Self-sabotage often take the form of fear. I know when I go down that road of “it’s too much” or “I’m not ready” and other like thoughts, it’s typically fear based when I get to the root. Allowing fear to hold us back from the changes we want to make in our lives, however, is optional. And we are the only ones who can stop the process, albeit often with help.

This is one form of self-sabotage. There are others, but fear seems to be the biggest one. Weight loss sometimes comes with fear that others won’t want to hang out with you if you aren’t eating ‘fun foods’. Finding success in career might come with the fear that you’ll lose friends because you’re peer group will change or others will reset your success. Any change that we make has a pay off – but so does not changing. 

Consider the benefit of staying exactly as you are right now and ask yourself if that benefit is stronger than the possible outcome of making change. Imagine how it would feel to obtain the change, regardless of what it is. If the emotional impact would benefit you, isn’t it worth getting over your fear?


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