Rid yourself of upper back tension

If you’re like many people, sitting at a desk or driving a lot means upper back tension! Try this for getting a little more relaxed in those big back muscles.

Happy Feet Challenge!


Your feet work SO HARD for you ALL DAY LONG. This week I’m challenging you to show them some love by giving them a little massage!

All you need is a tennis or lacrosse ball and a few minutes – you can do this when you’re winding down at night in front of the computer at TV or sitting at your desk (no one has to know!).

Simply roll each foot (no shoes!) on the ball for a few minutes. Go as fast or as slow as you want, applying as much or as little pressure as feels good. 👣👣

As you go, you’ll notice some spots feel tighter than others. Spend a little extra time on each tender/tight spot and let the muscles relax a bit.

The goal isn’t to cause yourself any pain. You should feel like you’re releasing some tension in your feet as you go! It should actually feel really good!

Sometimes our feet can get so tight we don’t even notice they could use a little TLC.

 You’ll be amazed at the difference this can make in how doing this will actually release tightness up through your legs and hips and impact the rest of your body!  It’s also a great preventive exercise for plantar fasciitis.

Your challenge is to get a ball and roll your feet every day for 3-5 minutes each!

Are you in? I certainly am!  Let me know in the comments below…

Why do you not want to change?

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Sometimes when we say we want to change something about our lives, there are hidden reasons for staying exactly the same. There’s a certain comfort in it for sure. Even when we feel desperately about wanting change, underneath we may worry about what we’ll lose out on because we change some aspect of ourselves.

The reasons are endless from the fear of people judging you to losing someone who won’t ‘get’ the new you. Maybe it will change your peer group to one that has more money even. Whatever the case, we often need to dig pretty deep to figure it out.

I once decided that I would never engage in office gossip again. And for a short time I did, but what ended up happening is I felt like I couldn’t even talk to my office pals. every time I did, there were complaints about this one or that. I felt drawn in again because I wanted to fit in. Fitting in is a shockingly  common reason for not changing. Another big one is guilt; we can commiserate with others who are in the same boat, but when our lives change for the better, we feel as if we don’t deserve it for some reason because others didn’t achieve it.

How do you get through it? Well, first you need to identify your reason for not taking the leap. Once identified, get realistic. Do you really think that others would disown you if you stopped gossiping for example? If they did, are they worth your time?

Is guilt a valid response to getting what you want? Again, if others are feeling jealous of you, that’s on them. It’s time or them to step up and put the work in the same way you do.

Working with someone like a coach or a counsellor (depending on where your desire to change is stemming from) can help you phenomonally to look a things a bit differently, to reframe the situation and change your perception of the problem. Find someone you feel good with – take them for a test drive. Coaches often offer a free first session which gives you a great chance to see what working with them will be like. Take advantage of that to find the right fit. It’s very important that the person you end up working with makes you feel safe and comfortable for the deep work that can often be involved.

Strategies for getting off sugar

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A little while ago I wrote a post called Sugar, Sugar and this is a follow up to give you a few strategies to beating sugar cravings.

  1. When a craving hits, do a little check in with yourself. Are you thirsty? Often times we crave sugar when we’re dehydrated. And it won’t go away when you eat sugar either, because you’re still dehydrated of course!
  2. Satisfy your sweet tooth in a way that doesn’t include chocolate, candies, cookies and what not. Veggies like squash, yams, carrots and beets are a natural source of sugar as are fruits like apples, berries and figs. Spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom will also be a bit of a game changer. I absolutely love Bengal Spice tea which has these spices and is naturally decaffeinated and has no added sugar.
  3. Are you getting enough sleep? If not, you’ll be looking for sugar as a wake me up. There are lots of strategies for getting sleep scattered over the internet. It really is important not only for getting off sugar, but for overall health and well-being.
  4. Check in with protein. Are you getting enough quality protein? Are you getting too much? Oddly, both can result in sugar cravings. Especially when eating animal protein. Experiment with the types and amounts of protein you ingest and find the right amount and type for your body.
  5. Get away from low fat and fat free foods! They add sugar and salt to these foods to improve the taste. You aren’t helping your body when going low or no fat. We also need fat.
  6. Movement is a fantastic way to release stress. If you move by taking a walk, going to the gym, taking a yoga class – whatever works best for you – it will help your stress levels. When stress is lowered you don’t crave sugar like you did.
  7. If you’re the type that loves dessert after a meal, it may be more the ritual than the actual dessert that you like. You can replace that with something that still provides sweetness, but not the addictive kind. For me, it’s that bengal spice tea that I like post meal!

Hopefully  these strategies will help you out. And remember, with the holidays on us, it’s important to choose the best option in the situation. For example, go for home baked goods rather than store bought. Make informed choices and enjoy what you eat rather than blindly going for it and hardly even tasting it.

If you feel like you want to take the further, book a free total transformation breakthrough session with me, you might just find your big aha that gets you on the path to the most alive, most vibrant version of you!

Black Friday

So it’s Black Friday today (which somehow ended up in Canada even though our Thanksgiving is in October). I know there are a lot of people that are shopping for gifts today and wanted to highlight a few things around gifting.

  1. First and foremost is how much can you actually afford. Are you going in debt to give gifts? Consider how the receiver would feel if they know that. I know for me, I would much prefer my loved ones time as opposed to them being stressed over debt for the holiday (or immediately after). Give yourself the gift of being debt free this holiday season.
  2. What does this person actually need in their lives? I don’t mean this to sound like you need to always be practical when gifting. Sometimes, a person needs self-care more than anything else in the world. Many consider giving a massage gift certificate to be cliche or too easy, but what if this is exactly what the person needs? Often we want to give things, but more often, people have all the things they need and then some. We’re in a society that has too many things to overcompensate for a feeling of lack in some area of our lives. So think about the person you’re giving to and ask yourself what they really need. Use your intuition.
  3. Plan in advance. Make a budget, maybe limits set with friends and family so there’s no feeling of inadequacy between you (btw, going over limits because you just want to often leads the receiver feeling like they haven’t done enough- if you set a limit stick to it! I’ve been in this situation, I have been poor. Trust me, it doesn’t;t feel good). Know what you’re buying in advance so that you don’t shop impulsively and just grab the first thing you see.
  4. Give a gift to someone in need. Here is Halifax, we have the shoebox project which gives a shoebox filled with gifts to a woman living in a shelter. I’ve been participating in this for the past few years. Of course, there are a lot of toy drives as well. Give to the group that makes the most sense to you. Why? Because it doesn’t have to be costly but it fills you with Christmas spirit <3

With that all said, if you are struggling to think of a gift for a person on your list, consider some items that may help their health. We can all use a bit of tweaking whether it be something around physical, mental or emotional health. Here are a few ideas:

The Fitbit (which is on sale today at Amazon):

A cool water bottle for hydration:

A good read:

A great diffuser:

And, of course, I have all my own products too ; ) Check them out, all natural and fabulous (at least I think so!)

Happy shopping everyone!

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An imposter amongst us

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Do you suffer from imposter syndrome; feeling as if what you do is somehow fraudulent, that you are not truly qualified for the work you do or the role you play? It’s actually pretty common. It’s believed that this often starts with messages we hear growing up (the way we have interpreted those messages as opposed to the intended message). This leads to a feeling that we are never really good enough for the salary we make or the position we are hired for, or that we aren’t good enough for the person we’re in a relationship with. Even for the friends we have at times.

Here are some of the thoughts that might be running through your mind on a loop if you are feeling like the imposter:

  • They’ll find out I don’t know what I’m doing
  • I was just lucky to get this
  • Anyone could do this
  • I only got this because of a connection
  • I cannot fail or everyone will find out
  • Minimizing language that downplays efforts
  • I just wing it and somehow it works out

All of these thoughts undermine what you know, what you are capable of and what you are able to accomplish now and the resourcefulness you possess. They’re detrimental to a healthy ego and to health in general. Having these types of thoughts on loop is stressful! Feeling like you can’t fail or someone will find out you’ve been handed something you didn’t deserve will keep your cortisol levels elevated pretty much all the time. That leads to more weight gain for one, unhealthy blood pressure and perhaps elevated heart rate causing extra strain on the heart. It also means you’re less likely to engage in self-care activities – because you don’t feel you deserve those types of things either.

So what do you do? Start by making a list of accomplishments. Be honest with yourself. Say them out loud and own them. Next make a list of qualities that other people have told you about. What compliments have people given you? What have they identified as your skills? What do others think you’re great at? List them out. And again, start to own them.

Make an empowering statement about who you really are. What is it you want to accomplish next? Know that you can do it. Own your greatness!

What do you get to do today?

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We often think about the endless tasks of everyday living, all the things that we have to do. What if, instead of thinking about what we have to do, we consider what we get to do?

Today, for example, I’m studying for a fitness recertification exam. I don’t really feel like studying (thus I’m taking a break and writing a blog post 🙂 ). However, this isn’t something that everyone gets to do. You need to have the money to do the course in the first place; you need to have the ability to read and take in information- to learn; you need to have a measure of mobility to teach fitness; you need to have access to transportation to get to the exam (whether public or private). There are probably more, the point being, I get to study for an exam, I get to take the exam, I get to teach fitness.

Reframing our thoughts around what we get to do rather than what we have to do is an important step in making positive change in our lives. When we focus on eating well, for example, as something we get to do, we are far more likely to make that shift that we are if it feels like we have to do it.

What do you get to do today?

Your thoughts are like the artist’s brush. They create a personal picture of the reality you live in.”

Your thoughts are like the artist’s brush. They create a personal picture of the reality you live in.” Syd Banks

When you slow your mind down and consider what thoughts loop through time and time again, what comes up? I spent many years telling myself that I wasn’t good enough for more money, wasn’t good enough for a better career, wasn’t good enough for a great love. Where did that get me? A low income in a career that was going nowhere with a guy that wasn’t the least bit suited to me.

What we tell ourselves creates our reality. There are a lot of people who give themselves messages just like the ones I just described, and others who continually tell themselves they are fat or they are ugly and on and on. Where is that getting you? Low self-esteem and lack of self-love comes to mind.

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Confidence in ourselves and our ability to serve the world in our own unique ways is vital to living a fulfilled, meaningful life. So how do you get there? Here are a few tips:

  • Write a list of the qualities you bring to the table. Be honest with yourself and brag about your accomplishments and personal qualities as if you are bragging about your kid or your best friend. Step outside yourself for a moment and get objective.
  • Create an empowering statement that you can repeat often that reminds you of who you really are. For example, if you were looking at being worthy of money in your career, maybe it would look something like this; “I am a valuable member of the team that brings a fresh perspective and insight and am well worth the money”.
  • Have a good look at yourself in the mirror, not for a few seconds, but for about 10 minutes. Repeat ‘I love you’ as many times as needed to feel love for yourself.
  • Meditate. Try a meditation where you build up the feeling of love by focussing on someone (or any being) that you deeply love. Holding on to that feeling, bring your own image to mind and turn that feeling of love to yourself. Feel that same compassion and love for yourself as you do for another.
  • Repeat I am worthy as many times as you can think of it. Post it around your home on little sticky notes or you could choose a colour and every time you see that colour repeat “I am worthy”.

Self doubt arises in the mind, but so does self love. The samskaras, as we call them in yoga philosophy, those looping thoughts, can work in your favour with a little mind training. Why not start today.

You are worth it.

If you are interested in a free breakthrough session to help you get there, get in touch with me at reenadavis7@gmail.com or book your session anytime.