We all move through various transitions as we move through life. As we grow up, the more obvious ones are from childhood to adolescence and then on to adulthood. We transition through periods of ease to those of stress along the way. We transition in the seasons and everything that brings as well.

In yoga, certainly as teachers, we often think of our transitions as moving from one pose to the next ensuring a fluidity in our movement so that the participants feel that flowing motion, the meditative quality that can happen in a class. There’s a much bigger transition that happens though. That’s the transition from doing yoga to being yoga.

When we start to be yoga, we embrace the philosophy of accepting things as they come, of bringing more loving kindness and peace into the world. We begin thinking of the beings around us as more spiritual beings on their own path. We embrace the meaning of namaste, literally meaning ‘I bow to you’, often interpreted as ‘the light in me honours the light in you’. We acknowledge there is light, spirit, in all beings. That allows a much more compassionate view of our fellow beings.

Of course, the final transition in yoga, in life, is that of death. The successful end to our journey. When all suffering ceases, the body is relinquished. As quoted by Paramahansa Yogananda, “Life and death are but a passing from dream to dream. They are only thoughts: you are dreaming you are alive, and you are dreaming you are dead. When you get into the great Christ Consciousness, you see that life and death are dreams of God.”


What would change if…

You overcame your greatest fear? Would you step out of your shell? Would you go after the job you want? Would you approach the person you’ve been interested in for some time?

Overcoming fears can feel impossible! We feel fear deep inside and it can be paralyzing. It can also become a part of who we are. A piece of our identity just like other roles we play. And in our own time, we are ready to let go of fears. If that’s where you are, consider how this fear is holding you back and what would open up for you if you moved out of fear. What would your life look like? Who would you spend your time with? What different things would you do? How would you feel? Does that image seem important to you? Overcoming fear starts with recognizing it for what it is and how it shows up in your life. How does it affect your quality of life? When this image is clear here are a few steps you can take to overcoming the fear.

  • When you close your eyes and form a picture of this fear, what stands out to you? Observe this as if from a third person and objectively opine what the fear is actually about. What are you really scare of?
  • Become curious about the fear. What thoughts pop up when you picture this? Are these thoughts true? Become an observer of your thoughts.
  • When you consider deeply what is happening in your life at this moment, where do you feel lacking? Sometimes our fears and anxieties will heighten when we are feeling lack in some area of our lives. Again, ask yourself if this is true. If it is, how can you overcome this lack? What specific steps can you take?
  • Journal you’re fears. Get them down on paper and out of your head. One method I found quite useful in my own life at a particularly fearful time, was to write notes on small pieces of paper every time a fear popped up for me. I put those fears into a container and gave them to God. Every time that fear came to mind again, I told myself “God’s got it”. It helped me a great deal and might help you too!
  • Take action. One tiny step away from that fear and then celebrate your success. Know that it isn’t easy to overcome fears, especially when they are deep seated. Celebrate every time you are able to move out of paralysis and into freedom.

Using a life coach can also be useful, of course. A life coach will help you to take the steps and to see your progress. They can help you to see where the fear comes from and how it shows up and holds you back. Finding the right coach for you might mean shopping around a bit to ind the person you have rapport with. Luckily, coaches often provide a free first session so you can both see if you’re a good fit.

If you would like to start overcoming your own fears and move more fully into your life and your aliveness, book a free session with me. It’s completely free and there are no commitments. You might just get the aha you’ve been looking for. https://reenadavis.as.me/transform

The Inevitable Crash

While we strive to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, there are times when everything goes wrong. The power goes out, we find out on a long drive that the healthier place where you were planning to eat closed down, you get sick – anything can happen! And it can throw off our best efforts.

When the inevitable, unexpected event occurs, we still have choices to make. We can choose the healthiest option under the circumstances. That could mean eating chips with the fewest ingredients! You need to eat, not eating isn’t an option. It’s actually one of the worst options you could make. If you found yourself in a fast food restaurant, check the menu over and figure out what would be the best option for you. What will give you the fewest symptoms if you happen to get symptomatic with certain foods? Over my years of managing kidney disease with diet, I found myself in situations like this from time to time. I had to eat much less sodium that the average person, and pre-transplant if I ate too much of it I would experience what I called a salt hangover. So when I found myself in situations like this I would ask for fries with no salt, I would get beef instead of chicken (chicken is soaked in brine during transport). And if going out to dinner I would check menus ahead of time and make decisions based on what I saw. Even better when they listed nutritional info!

The take away here is not to stress when you find yourself in a less than ideal situation. Rigidly following a healthy lifestyle can lead to a great deal of stress. Stress can cause you to hang on to weight, cause high blood pressure, effects sleep and so much more! The idea behind a healthy lifestyle is to also manage stress.

One of the tools I ask my clients to use regularly is to do an emotional check in prior to eating. If they find they are stressed before the meal it’s very important to bring that under control. Luckily, that can be pretty easy to do. Deep breathing is a strong relaxation technique. Make the exhale longer than the inhale to bring a greater sense of calm. When we’re stressed we don’t digest properly, and that leaves us with less nourishment. Breathe!

The last thing I want you to consider when in these unexpected circumstances is that it isn’t the end of your healthy, nutritious meal plan. It’s one of 21 meals in a week. Just one. So when you have that one less than ideal (or even way off the mark) meal, don’t stress over it. In fact, enjoy it fully. And know that the next meal will provide the nutrition that you need. This is not the end. It’s just an experience.

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Tight shoulders?

If you have tight shoulders, here is a video to help. you out.

Be prepared to find out just how tight the shoulders are!

Living in Balance

We hear a lot about a balanced lifestyle, and for good reason. It’s important to have balance in your life. That might mean different things to different people, we are not one size fits all by any definition! Living in a balanced way has been shown to increase longevity, has beneficial effects on mental health and happiness in general and is beneficial to our physical health as well.

Knowing that, I wonder why everyone doesn’t strive for balance. I wonder if people understand what a balanced lifestyle means.
Consider the varying aspects of your life: physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, social and mental are good places to start. Are you taking care of one aspect at the expense of another? Because we are so driven by our finances, for example, we might work more than we perhaps should at the expense of family or social connections that are meaningful. Or maybe the opposite is true; maybe you’re caught up in pleasures of life and have no money to pay the bills. Wherever you land, having balance in these areas is important and we often lose sight of that.

This wheel is just one example of such exercises where you place a dot at the area in the ‘pie slice’ where you feel you land on a scale where the inner circle is no satisfaction or fulfillment and the outer edge would be completely satisfied or fulfilled. When you connect the dots, you see the areas that dip low for you. These are the areas where you need to put a little more time to bring about that sense of fulfillment in your life.

What’s missing in your life? What would bring about that sense of balance, of fulfillment and of overall health for you?

Always be willing to let it go

When I did my yoga teacher training back in 2011 one of my teachers told us stories about coming to the West from India and being introduced to root beer. He loved root beer! It was so delicious and he couldn’t get enough of it! He talked about becoming quite attached to his trips from the ashram where he could go to get root beer. He spoke of it with such affection and sweetness, we all laughed. But the thing is, he found himself becoming quite attached to root beer. He had to be willing to let it go. He also spoke about being given a gift – an iPod nano – that he loved. When someone asked if they could listen he initially wouldn’t loan it. He was attached to having that iPod. It was his. Once again, a lesson in letting go. Eventually he gave it away.

This past week was a lesson for me in letting it go. I had to let go of something I had impulsively bought. After getting this item, I realized the mistake almost immediately, and although I really wanted to keep it, I knew that the money I spent (it was an awful lot) was needed for bills. And so, with much sadness, I let it go. But along with the sadness, was a sense of relief. I feel a lot better now.

That’s something we don’t do a lot of in the West. We accumulate many things, we gather our stuff around us sometimes as status symbols, often as comforts. And then we become owned by our things as opposed to owning our things. We become attached to ownership as much as the things themselves!

Aparigraha is one 5 Yamas of the 8 limbs of yoga as written by Pantanjali. It is interpreted as non-attachment, non-greed or non-possessiveness. It extends further than our things, however. It extends even to our existence. The attachment to our bodies, to our thoughts, to our beliefs. When we attach to these concepts it sets up an ‘us vs them’ sort of mentality. We believe x and they believe y and one if us must be right. When we allow ourselves to detach and take a state of curiosity instead, we are able to be open to others’ ideas and examine them with discernment rather than from a place that is immovable. We may decide it’s not for us, but not with anger or resentment. There’s so much of that in our world these days.

Always be willing to let it go. Check yourself for attachments and determine the nature of the attachment and the reason for it. You may surprise yourself with insight into why you are attached.

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As we move into a new year

Here we are at the end of another year. I’ve been working hard this year building my business, my brand if you will, and learning so much along the way. I’ve met incredible people, learned so much about myself and what I want from life and developed a new vision for my future.

Sometimes it’s been overwhelming. Sometimes it’s been scary as hell. It will be both in the year to come as well. However, it’s also been liberating, exciting and fulfilling. The overwhelm and fear comes from money. Ah money. It seems to make the world go round doesn’t it? And yet, I’ve been reminded that there is always enough. Even in my lowest points financially, emotionally and mentally, I’ve always survived. And I will survive – and thrive – now too. I need to earn a living like everyone else, but I will relax around it more. That’s one of my intentions as we leave 2018. I know a lot of people who set an intention and then wait for things to happen. I’m not that girl! I start pushing things to happen RIGHT NOW. And of course, building a brand (that word doesn’t seem enough for what I intend) takes time. It’s takes trust both from me and in me from those who decide to work with me. It takes confidence that I will find the answers if I don’t have them right now. It takes courage to leave the world of false security and take the giant leap to follow my dharma – that which I know to be my true calling. It takes surrender too. Surrendering to the deeper knowing that everything will happen just as it should. Its the old adage “you can’t push the river”. I will flow. And what is mine will come to me.

I find myself coming back to my spirituality in some ways. I lost so much faith after my mom passed away. It’s been 2 years of slowly finding my way back. My kidney transplant in March was part of the catalyst for coming back. I had a vision one night while I was in the hospital of my Mom and my Aunt visiting me. They were radiant and beautiful and comforting. And they seemed real. I’ve been able to feel that on occasion since that night. Feel them with me. My meditation practice that had wained is also back. I may have gone back to it in a more scientific way (the research shows…) but I feel more than just a calm. It’s more esoteric than that. It’s inexplicable.

There are some very difficult times ahead this year. I have eyes wide open about that as I have a family member who is quite ill. Unlike when my mom passed, this time I am more intentional about my own care. I had a break down of almost everything – mentally, physically and emotionally after Mom died. I need to go on. I need to honour both myself and my family members – all of them – by being the best version of myself. And while being broken had its reasons and its benefits, I can’t be what I need to be if I completely break again. I know that now.

And so, as I move into 2019, I do so with the intention to bring healing and life-force energy into the world. What has broken me through the course of my life is my biggest asset now. I have survived and thrived and I will help others do the same.

Take charge of your health

healthy eating, diet and  detox . dumbbells, kiwi  waterI’ve put together a short course on Udemy called Take Charge of your Health! Tune in to learn tips on the following:

  • What sugar is doing to your body
  • Why some fats are absolutely vital
  • Why low fat and fat free need to get out of your kitchen
  • What happens when unhealthy fat and sugar get together
  • A 4 day experiment to determine what protein sources are best for you
  • How to use food prep as a tool
  • How to create a magic plate
  • Start to uncover the reasons you keep falling back on old habits

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of this course you will know how to transform your health holistically.
  • Know how to move your health to a new level.
  • Learn an experiment to discover which foods are right for your body.
  • You will know why you are trapped on the sugar roller coaster and how to get off.
  • Tools to help you achieve the health you want.

Slow down and pay attention

What is your body trying to tell you? Try this short restorative yoga practice with meditation to help you determine just that.

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post about the solstice, see it here for a bit of context about slowing down this time of yea.