Are you stressed out? Try these tips!

Have you ever noticed that in times of greater stress we lose focus on taking care of ourselves? We put ourselves as the lowest priority when we really need to take greater care and have more compassion than ever for ourselves and out needs. If you finding yourself experiencing this all too common issue, the first step is to take a quick breather. Following are the “10 second” tips of de-stressing, Maybe after you do these a few times throughout the day you’ll actually take part in some of the more intensive self-care techniques.

  • Take that breath. For just a few seconds, take a deep inhale and then let the exhale come out slowly and fully. If you can manage to make your exhalation longer than your inhalation, you will send a direct trigger to your brain to relax. Instead of relying on your mind to relax you by demanding it do so, do the reverse. Just breath deeply, it’s a way to trick the brain into believing there is absolutely nothing wrong.
  • Smile. Sometimes a simple smile will have the same effect as that deep breath. Smile fully and thinking about something that makes you smile is even better. New research that shows that smiling while under stress can actually help your heart. Read a little more about this research here.
  • A body scan looking for those areas of the body that are tight is also helpful. Scan until you feel that tension. Breathe into the tension and mentally suggest (note I did not say demand!) that the area relax. Try “I am relaxing my [insert body part], my [body part] is relaxed. Move to the next area and repeat the exercise. You can do this seated at your desk or lying in bed at night.
  • Take something off your plate. Maybe that means getting rid of an item on your calendar or task list that doesn’t have to happen right now. Maybe for you it means hiring a housecleaner or grocery shopper. Have a look at the list and see where you can let go. remember that you don’t have to control everything.

After you find your breath again, try something more. For me , I love a bubble bath and eating well. You may think eating well isn’t on the de-stress list, but I beg to differ. How you eat changes everything! Not only is it your long term disease prevention plan, it’s also your energizer, your clarity ‘drug’, your booster pack! Eating well is one of the top things you can do for self care.

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What’s your favourite self-care method?

My New Site!

b9418c8f05eb94c2cfe91b57788d9edc--hope-quotes-quotes-quotesI’ve had a business site for quite some time and have finally decided to host everything under the one site- All of my blog posts have been moved over and so have you, my followers.

I’m completely submersed in my new passion of health and life coaching and of course, my constant passions of yoga and thai yoga massage. I’m loving this new path I’m on, one where I can help people to connect to their true selves, to become the best versions of themselves and get healthier than ever before.

I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone in a big way these past several months and it’s done me a world of good. I’m feeling courageous, excited and ready for my new career (and maybe a bit nervous on the side lol). It feels as if this has been in the works my entire life; there’s a reason behind the hard times, the alcoholism, the depression, the kidney failure etc, etc. It’s made me into a compassionate and understanding person, has provided me with insight into the human condition that I perhaps wouldn’t have otherwise and has shown me a way to healing that is powerful and long-lasting. It has set the foundation to be a great coach. It has set a strong intention to help to heal the world in my own little way.

I truly appreciate those who have followed my blog all these years, and those who are just joining me now. I hope that you will continue to journey into wellness with me.

The Immune System 101

In my last post I wrote about how my immune system being suppressed by anti-rejection drugs is affecting me. The truth is, all of us can be experienced a reduction in the efficiency of our immune systems based on the foods we eat, the things we do and the stress in our lives. That’s why I dedicated my newsletter that came out yesterday entirely to the immune system and how you might boost yours!

If you interested some simple things you can do to boost your immunity (especially now as we’re in flu season here in Canada!) read on! Boost your immunity!

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I’ve started to experience a little taste of what it is to have a suppressed immune system. After my kidney transplant in March I was put on anti-rejection drugs, of course, which suppress your bodies immunity so it doesn’t attack the new organ that it would otherwise see as a threat (well worth it by the way- I’m alive!!). I was also put on antivirals and antibiotics at first. The antivirals stopped at 4 months, the antibacterials will stop after 9 months (I’m 7 months out now! woohoo).

I did get a virus that is quite painful and it’s taking it’s sweet time leaving my body. I’m taking meds for it as well as doing some natural remedies, but the truth of the matter is there’s nothing like a healthy immune system to fight off viruses. I’m not used to taking long to heal. I’m usually the girl that takes a day, sleeps it off and feels better. This has been going for 2 weeks now and I had to get a refill for the meds!

So now I know what it is to have a suppressed immune system. A good reminder to me that I need to be extra careful about cleanliness, especially in flu season! I tend to spend a lot of time around a lot of people. It’s easy to get complacent even this soon after a transplant. I’ve been feeling great and forget that I’m not invincible! I need to take my self-care very seriously. Frankly, we all do. Stress alone can destroy a healthy immune system and if you are the type to burn the candles at both ends it might be time to take a good look at your priorities and values. Is the life you’re leading in alignment with your priorities and values? Health is number one for me, and it’s easy to forget that rest is an important part of that (I tend to be an energizer bunny lol).

Lesson learned, little reminder taken. I am off to bed now for my healing sleep.

To your health and wellness <3

Feeling Grateful

Grateful-Heart-2This is thanksgiving weekend in Canada, and I must say I’m feeling quite grateful for many things in my life. I’m grateful for all of my clients, massage and coaching, and of course my yoga participants. These people have been tremendously loyal to me and I hope that they feel my loyalty and support as well.

I’m also thankful to the 2 people who joined my first 14 day cleanse that ended last night! They did a great job honouring themselves and have learned new habits and something about themselves. One has realized that she has a wheat sensitivity causing discomfort in her stomach and has made the decision not to add it back. She also lost over 5 pounds over the 14 days. The other learned where her vulnerabilities lie and was able to let go of her sugar cravings and get back on track with her nutrition. She also lost 7 pounds. I’m grateful that they shared the journey with me and supported each other as well.

I do have another cleanse starting on Saturday, October 13th and ending on October 26th. If you’d like to join in let me know!

Back to being grateful. I’m of course grateful for the many changes that happened in my life this year – my new kidney from my cousin, my progression since then. Now 7 months later feeling so great and energetic. I’m grateful for the opportunity to leave my full time work and strike out on my own, a dream I’ve wanted to follow for many years.

I’m grateful most, I think, for my family. My siblings have been an amazing group of friends my whole life. And they married people that became amazing and supportive friends as well! All of their children and grandchildren are loved and settling into their roles as supportive, loving family members as they grow older. How wonderful to end up in a family so filled with love. My mom would be so proud of how we’ve carried on in supporting each other after she passed away. I love my family dearly. They are the single most important thing in my life. And, of course, my daughter is a loving woman herself now. Full of compassion and bright, she has set her sights on saving the oceans in her studies. I know that she can do whatever it is she sets her mind to and that she will become even more interesting and passionate as she grows older. Eternally grateful <3 .

The Fall Equinox

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The fall equinox is today and that means we are entering a vata season from an Ayurvedic point of view. Vata is made up of air and ether and is a very light energy. Coming from the summer, a pitta time of fire and water, the energies are quite different at this time of year. We begin drying out and if you are a vata dosha you might be feeling quite flighty and overly light now. Vata season is not only light and airy, it’s also cooler, and a little unpredictable. The same can be said for people as we move more deeply into the season.

Ayurveda is all about balance; balancing the doshas, ensuring one doesn’t get out of hand and give way to the symptoms of imbalance. For vata season, those symptoms include:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Overly gassy (more hiccups, burping, gas and bloating)
  • Cravings for meat and spicy food
  • Pain in the flanks
  • Dry skin and hair, brittle nails
  • Muscle fatigue
  • More joint pain
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety
  • Jumpy
  • Forgetful

The diet changes in fall from the light fare of summer to more substantive foods: think about warmer, wetter and spicier foods this time of year. You might also want to increase your intake a bit (it’s important to be honest about your intake, though, here in North America our portion sizes tend to be on the larger side). Generally it’s time to move from the raw veggies of summer to the cooked which provide the warmth and moisture your body will begin to crave. Some of the spices to start adding include cinnamon, cardamom, allspice and those of the spicier variety. Spices in general are good this time of year, so it’s time to play with your combinations.

It’s also time to think about activities that support warmth and moisture: Hot baths or showers, steam baths, massage with a warm oil and yoga postures that will ground and heat internally. Stay warm by dressing in warmer materials and start using essential oils that will also be more warming to the senses; vetiver and geranium are good choices.

Routine is one of the most important tools for balancing the vata energy of fall. It’s no surprise that our schools start this time of year, that we generally move into more routine after the carefree summer months. Our minds and bodies collectively know what will benefit and balance. We naturally want to move with the rhythm of the seasons. Follow your deep inner knowing and let it guide you in mediation and exercise routines that benefit your particular dosha.

Interested in learning more about your particular dosha? Here’s a test that you can take: dosha quiz. 

Prep work for my fall cleanse is starting today! Do you want to join in for the low cost of $48.50 to receive recipes, support and guidance of your health coach as well as the group you meet with online over zoom, a full and informative plan including an app to track your progress? Get your energy back after those heavy summer months. Join today! 

The cleanse starts Monday!

In my last post I told you about the 14 day cleanse that I’m offering. I have a start date now – Monday, September 24th, which is perfect because that’s also when the fun moon is. A full moon is a perfect time to start a short term project like this one. I have 3 people (plus me of course) who will be participating and we’d love to have the energy of a few more. I’m offering the group cleanse at half price – only $48.50CDN for the guidance and support you need.

Meetings during the cleanse will take place over zoom, which is a free app that can be used on computer, iPad, tablet or phone. That means it can be done from anywhere in the world!

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The 14 Day Body Reset

14 day cleanseIf you are interested in taking part in a guided cleanse this is your time!

Take part in a group go save 50% on my already low rate of $97 (CDN). Done completely online over Zoom, you can take part from anywhere in the world. Fall is a great time for a cleanse as the weather is cooling and getting lighter and we’re moving into our ‘comfort food’ season. Learn recipes that will help you to stay on track while delivering the warmth and comfort you’re looking for. Discover the foods that are causing you trouble symptoms like bloat or indigestion. Kick start the healthiest version of you ever!

YOU DON”T HAVE TO STARVE TO CLEANSE! AS a matter of fact, I discourage it!

If you find you are lacking energy, bloated, feeling foggy in your thinking and want find out why, join in a group cleanse!

– Discover which foods are triggering your symptoms
– Reset your body’s natural cravings
– Feel lighter in your body
– Gain more clarity in your thinking
– Reduce inflammation
– Be guided through the process
– Get ongoing support from a health coach and the group
– Free recipes
– Preparation plan included!


The only thing you have to lose is a couple of pounds! Join a group cleanse for your guided support today.

Are you ready to feel great?

18 Years and Counting

Teenage me
Me (2nd from right) at about 15 or 16. The first night I drank a 12 pack of beer on my own.

It was 18 years ago today that drank alcohol for the last time. A lot longer since I tool any drugs. of the non-prescription variety. In one way, that seems like a super long time! In another way, it’s the blink of an eye. It goes by fast. Starting out I can remember feeling so vulnerable, I wasn’t able to hide behind the shield of booze and drunkenness any more. I wasn’t able to drink my feelings away. I felt raw, as if my should had been bared for all to see. Over time with a lot of family support, especially from my mother, I found my way. Now I tell anyone who wants to listen my life story! I do it without apology, without judging myself and with compassion for the most part. When I think back to my daughters first 10 years I still sometimes get a stab of guilt, but the truth is she had my parents as her backup and they were fabulous with her.

I was recently asked if I had any advice to that girl of 18 years ago.  I answered, quite honestly that I didn’t. I was angry and shut down. Depressed and unwilling to see. I had to open my eyes on my own, no one could do that for me. When the show Intervention came out I was sober, and even then would absolutely cringe at the concept of being confronted in that manner. It’s like I could feel their shame spreading through me, could feel their shock at realizing they hadn’t been hiding anything from anyone. I also felt deep compassion for the addict. People had tried to talk to me, I rejected them. Simple as that. Wipe my hands of the problem in my life – those who cared. That likely isn’t everyone’s experience, but it was mine and is probably someone else’s too.

There were a couple of people who took different approaches with me. One was a friend who told me she loved me, but couldn’t watch me doing this t myself. She said “I will do anything with you except drink”. I never saw her again. I’ve looked for her since, but can’t seem to find her. She probably married and I don’t know her married name. I’d love to hank her for caring for me so much.

I wish I had great words of wisdom for getting away from addiction. I don’t. I do know that once you make a decision to quit, you have to be ever vigilant about that decision. Never forget that you are an alcoholic or addict. It’s then that we let our guard down and end up in a pretty rough position. So now, even 18 years later, I remember what it was like. How much my life has changed since that decision.

Sugar, Sugar

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What’s your favourite sweet? Mine was always gummy candies and jelly beans, candies of that nature, with a very close second of chocolate. I ate it every day. I could eat sugar anytime, nothing was too sweet for me. Even the drink they give you for a diabetes test that everyone says is sickeningly sweet- like a glass of juice to me.

However, I was experiencing a whole lot of brain fog, you know that spacey, tired feeling that you get. The one when the sugar high wears off and we start to come down. Do you know why that happens? Let me tell you a bit.

When we overload on sugar, our body sends out an emergency supply of insulin to get our blood sugars back in balance. And make no mistake, your body considers this an emergency! That need for balance in the body is vital to all of our systems really. The pancreas, however, has gotten pretty used to these sugar overloads, so it sends lots of insulin. That means our blood sugar drops dramatically and we get the symptoms of low blood sugar. When that happens, we feel tired, confused, shaky sometimes and often quite cranky. And then what? Well we crave more sugar, of course! That’s the sugar rollercoaster that we often hear about.

When we get those sugar cravings under control, we can stop the cycle and get back to a balanced level of blood sugar. That helps our bodies in so many ways. Our cravings start to adjust to what the body actually needs. We become clearer in our thoughts, likely lose weight and loads of other benefits for our health.

I’ll be giving a talk on this very subject on Saturday at the Halifax Mind, Body, Spirit Expo. Join me at 11:30am at the Halifax Forum to hear more. Can’t make it? Why not book a Free Total Transformation Breakthrough Session with me!

My first radio appearance

I was on the radio yesterday talking about my days as an active alcoholic, kidney disease and finding myself. This is what led me to the life I’m living now – health coaching, teaching yoga, Thai yoga massage – all of my passions in wellness! You can listen to my very abbreviated life story here!


If you are interested in making a big change in your life book your free total transformation breakthrough session no matter where you are in the world (by phone, zoom or in person) here: Total Transformation Breakthrough Session

Are you living authentically?

coverSince my kidney transplant in March, I’ve made a whole lot of changes in my life. While I was on dialysis and off from the full time job I was able to take full advantage by taking life coaching courses and learning loads of new information. After the transplant I continued on, realizing that I had fund my authenticity and I was not willing to go back to living in the ordinary way. I looked death in the eye so to speak (not that kidney transplants are very dangerous anymore) and I knew there were changes to be made. During that same time I started writing a Dreams to Reality Planner that was based on neuro-linguistic programming training that I took (and loved!). It came about very quickly, as my writing often does, and it just felt right. I’ve worked with it myself and have come to know myself more deeply, come to know what I am and am not willing to accept and have come to know what I can change (if you guessed me, you’re right!).

Just recently, I decided to also put out a smaller version, where you can just work with the questions and skip the daytimer/planner portion. If you’ve been looking to get clear on what you truly value in life and what will bring you the most fulfilment and allow you to live in the most authentic way possible, this workbook is a great tool.

People are often scared to be authentic, scared to live from their passions because of lack of security or a lack of acceptance. The thing is, when we live in that place of ‘lack’ we never grow. And if we aren’t growing, is life worth it? For me, it became very clear that it wasn’t. It became clear that I could no longer live in fear. That’s why so many changes have happened for me. Since my transplant:

  • I signed up for an accredited health coaching course
  • I’ve re-certified as a group fitness instructor (aside from being a yoga teacher)
  • I’ve taken a course in Yoga for the 12 Steps (did you know I’m an alcoholic too? 18 years sober!)
  • I’ve left my full time job
  • I’ve attended a networking event and have signed up for more (if you knew me, you would know how out of character that is)
  • I’ve continually pushed my own boundaries and moved past the fear
  • I’m happier and less stressed than ever!

There are probably more things I’ve changed and more courses that I’ve taken. Life has been moving fast, but all in the direction of my dreams. I plan to continue on with this and keep letting go of fear.

Is it your turn? You don’t need to wait for a big life-changing event to happen to you – you can make one happen! Maybe your first step is in a little workbook for $4.99 🙂