Retreat 2 for 1

I am absolutely thrilled to be hosting my first ever virtual yoga retreat! I have often wanted to go on a retreat myself, but haven’t been in a position to afford to do so, either due to commitments at home or simply not having the funds available. A yoga retreat has so much to offer in terms of self-care, though, it is an important thing to do for yourself.

The Fall Virtual Yoga Retreat will begin on Sunday, September 9 and will run a full 7 days. During the retreat, an early yoga class will be available at my studio for those who can make it in person. There will also be pre-recorded classes for those who are unable to come in person.

Before the retreat starts I’ll be sending along information about the nutritional cleanse that will take place during the week. It will contain information about foods that are approved during the week and those that are not. The reason for this is that the cleanse is aimed at discovering any foods that you are sensitive to and to see which foods bring about the most energy and feel best in your body. The week following will include information on how to start back on the foods that have been omitted so that you can determine if any of them do cause symptoms of sensitivity such as bloating, digestive issues, headaches and more.  Two live sessions will be provided this week as well to help you determine what’s going on for you.

Each day there will be live group coaching sessions where we will discuss how the yoga class went, how the cleanse is going, a bit around the chakra of the day as well as a question and answer period. Get to know others who are participating with you in the retreat and support each other in the journey.

You will also be entitled to one individual coaching session where we can meet in person, on the phone or over video to have a closer look at your own health goals, why you want to achieve and what obstacles are standing in your way.

The retreat is meant to kickstart your new path to the best health and wellness you have ever experienced. Make yourself a priority by signing up today! Click here to sign up.