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Trikanasana ~ Triangle Pose

A powerful demon named Mahishasura was wreaking havoc on the gods and goddesses and was threatening to overthrow them.  He was distracting them from their duties and causing them to turn their attention toward worldly pleasures. Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu, the sacred trinity in charge,  were…


Reclining Twists

There are many ways to do twisting postures; in lunges, standing, seated, and laying down. The supine or reclining twists tend to be a little safer for people because of the support from the floor. A few of the more common twists are shown…

Balasana ~ Child’s Pose

 When Krishna was a child he was playing with his brother Balaram in the courtyard near his home. He took a scoop of earth in his hand and ate it. Balaram went running home to tell his mother, Yashoda. He told her “Krishna is…

Sun Salutes are back In my life!

Yesterday I did about 6 sun salutes. It was my first time since having the fistula surgery on June 14. I was pretty sure they would be ok because I’ve been able to get on hands and knees with no discomfort and my arm…

The little distractions

A couple of related posts: Only you know what’s happening in your mind Focus… or dare I say discipline?

Are you a Warrior or a Worrier ?

One of the challenges not only in yoga class, but in life, is to let go of the thoughts bombarding us and still the mind. Worrying doesn’t usually help us on our path. It tends to prevent us from enjoying the journey, from being…

Happy Halloween!

For your Halloween pleasure: A very cool video showing the skeleton in motion during yoga:

Chakrasana ~ Wheel Pose; and those poses that lead to it!

In the yoga tradition, the architect of the universe is Vishwakarman. He had a daughter named Sanjana who was very beautiful, who’s face was said to be as luminous as 10,000 moons. Sanjana fell in love with Surya, the sun god. Despite her own…

Happy Friday

Have a great weekend – do a little savasana!

The Myth Behind Dandasana~Staff Pose

The cow herders of Vrindavan were led by Krishna’s father, Nanda. Nanda decided one day to honour the ruler of the heavens, Indra, through a ritual. Indra sends the clouds, and without the clouds there would be no rain and thus no grain to…