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At ease

I’m writing this from my bedroom where I’m listening to the birds sing and watching rainbows shimmer on the wall from the crystal that hangs in my window. The crystal is a large ball and above it there is a hummingbird. It’s very meaningful…


Does the individual consciousness carry on after death?

My sisters and I got together on Friday night to have a bite and sit in a hot tub for a while. Of course, we got around to talking about our mother who passed away this past December. I’ve been feeling somewhat adrift since…

My Mom

On Sunday, December 11th, just over a week ago, my Mom passed away. Nearing her 75th birthday, she passed peacefully in her sleep. I started to write the below the next day and then ended up reading it at her memorial service. While it’s…

Lojong 18: The Ejection of Consciousness

This is part 18 of my series on Lojong, a Buddhist mind training technique. The five strengths explored in the previous slogan are important in determining how to conduct ourselves in this life. However, they are also about how we conduct ourselves in death….